Bacon and eggs

Bacon and eggs

For years the United Nations and other NGOs have been telling people — mostly Western nations — that the consumption of animal based food is bad for the environment, and health.

But now, a new report from the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FOA) says meat, eggs and milk are an “essential source of nutrients which cannot easily be obtained from plant-based foods,” especially for developing nations.

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Dairy consumption

Dairy consumption

Shaun Polczer is the Business Reporter for the Western Standard, based in Calgary. Formerly, a business reporter for the Calgary Herald, he has also held senior positions at the Daily Oil Bulletin, and the London Petroleum Economist. 

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(10) comments


Canada should remove itself from the U.N.

Common sense indicates that meat, eggs and milk have always been a good food source and most rational people consume them.

The U.N. and WEF are dangerous organizations and Trudeau is following their policies.




Anyone have an explanation for this?? The WEF controlled UN has been seeding the meat is bad schtick for the last several years even going as far as promoting insects for human protein consumption. All part of their quest to control food energy and resources. I don't get it??


They now own the Dutch farms and want their profits 🤷‍♀️


I also don't understand. Maybe they accidentally hired 1 good person?


I hope Norway is listening.




When the untited globalist criminals backtrack, you know they are losing.


If ever there was an organization that should cease to exist it is the UN. I treat the UN in the exact same way I treat with the CBC.


Agree 100%

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