Alberta Premier Danielle Smith

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith said more immigrants coming to the province will make it a better place. 

“And while you may be new to our province, your willingness to take risks and your love of the freedom our province offers makes you as Albertan as anyone,” said Smith in a Friday speech at the Summit on Fairness for Newcomers in Calgary.

Reporter (Alberta)

Jonathan Bradley is a Reporter for the Western Standard & Alberta Report. Bradley has contributed stories to the National Post, True North, and Canadaland. He obtained a master's degree in media production at Toronto Metropolitan University.

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Well, Smith definitely can't be proud of keeping many of the promises that she made during the leadership race (especially passing human rights protection for the un-injected), so I guess that leaves her with leftist-friendly topics like immigration to now be the champion of.

What I don't get is why we didn't just leave Kenney in power? Why did we get rid of him again? In my view, Smith really isn't behaving much differently at this point and everybody seems OK with it. And NO, I am not supporting the NDP and I will probably still vote UCP. That said, what future does the UCP have if it has no principles or accountability? Honestly, giving Smith a pass for her massive flip-flops are only inviting the same conditions for another conservative fracture that gave the NDP a term in government in the first place. I would rather put some pressure on the UCP now and have them right the ship before they get a mandate from voters having run as a centre/leftist party leaving us in literally the same position we were with Kenney.

Straight Shooter

Smith is just another lying shill for the bankster/peodphile/global/criminals.

Bought off, and you can't do anything about it within our whole crooked tainted system.

Your vote means nothing and is a sham.


Well said.


Immigration is not the panacea that Premier Smith says it is. Our culture is changing - rapidly - and that's not OK. Kellie Leitch said immigrants to Canada should be screened for Canadian values and the Left melted down, but she was absolutely correct. Alberta is a distinct independent, can-do place and I for one don't want that to change. If immigrants concur with that vision, welcome. Otherwise.....


Well said Bob.

STOP the immigration until you get your own destroyed citizens working with decent pay. I'm sick of being cast off because CV forced me to take short term contracts to survive and now employers are JUDGEMENTAL.


Don't misunderstand because I think Danielle Smith is the one to defeat the incompetent NDP. But do we have another flip-flopping premier? Initially she said she would reinstate all who were disposed of because they refused to take the "shot." She hasn't done that. Why not reinstate those, in all professions, who are fully qualified with domestic training and work experience?

It is well known that nurses coming in from other countries do not have our standards of training and cause much hardship to that profession.


Us old white folks are not 'bigots'. We're wicked nimbys of the world uniting. Say no to nimbys, down with phimbys. Those Filipino nurses in hospitals here stick needles in the wrong places and make you cry. Then they poke holes in the other arm.


The tens-of-thousands NET inter-Provincial migrants (Canadians) into Alberta each quarter over the past couple years is not enough…? There are a historically unprecedented number of immigrants into Canada; far, far too many that's causing deep ethnocultural division and unsustainably driving up home prices. Everyone talks “sustainability” but it never applies regarding the several-hundred-thousand (or more) people from all across the world who FLY into Canada on a permanent basis.

Mars Hill

Seventy years old, born and raised in Alberta. I've deducted that we get the folks that see Alberta as a better place to get ahead rather than Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and they're right. Thanks to everybody that has migrated here and made Alberta their home, most of us appreciate your contribution. The world has become a bit of a $hit hole lately and we have a few folks that are nervous, you've shown me what your made of, show them as well, most of them will come around. We have the same problems anywhere else does, but we work through them, we don't give up, we're Albertans.

Straight Shooter

Your vote means nothing.

The politician/bankster/parasites are stealing everything, making it "legal" and you are prostrate from the criminal system.


Anybody who doesn't see a problem with inviting immigrants and migrants, I can't wait until you lose your job to cheaper labour.

Qitao Cheng

Turdeau's government let too much strange people to immigrate to Canada by methods like refugees...,some of them are dangerous and bring crime to Canada too.


I was just talking to a female barber in the next town, she is being hassled by the Alberta government because her barber certificate from BC isn't recognized in Alberta. She either has to pay some exorbitant fee, or hire an Alberta barber and redo her apprenticeship under them. I told her to apply as an immigrant, apparently it's perfectly fine for hospitals, so should be a breeze for a barber. I paid in in cash and encouraged her to not pay the extortion.


All she has to do is get a swastika tattoo and claim to be Ukrainian. Problem solved.


Perhaps a blue/yellow tattoo in the form of a $wasticka will do the trick.


Totally agree!👍


We should be encouraging our own population to reproduce, not this consistent and unmitigated, unlimited level of low-quality immigration. The demographics of this country are changing before our eyes, and it's obvious that all these drastically different cultures cannot exist in harmony. There is no unity in post-national Canaduh.


You're absolutely right. 👍🏼


Good post.[thumbup]




No. That's the last thing Alberta needs. We must first fix the mess Alberta is in. Immigrants should be made aware that Canada and Alberta slowly and quietly is slipping into communism. No one with a clue wants to live under communist rule.

Scary how many Canadians just don't seem to care.

Just Happy To Be Here

Well here's a novel idea: How about fixing our healthcare system first! Unless the majority of people be brought in are qualified healthcare workers. We can't keep up with the current population, how is going to keep up with a larger one?

Woodrow George

All are welcome. But, if you're coming from a $h!th0le country for a better life, Do NOT start turning Alberta into a Sh!th0le country the moment you get here.


Well, there goes the neighborhood! I have one question, did these people come through proper immigration channels or via Roxham Road Kaybec?

Woodrow George

Good question. If they came through Roxham Road, they need to be immediately deported. The fact that they chose Roxham Road tells me that we don't need them here. There's no shortage of good people trying to enter Canada legally.



Alberta Farmer

You should not be able to live or work in Alberta if you are a liberal, socialist or communist!




or muslim if i may add


Bring your spirit and desire for a better life. Do not bring the the things that inspired you to leave your country, and respect the laws of this country even though they may different than the ones you left behind.


It is all about sharing the freedom to succeed while being lawful and moral..

Mars Hill

2 thumbs up

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