vaccine vials

Vaccine vials

A federal advisory committee yesterday said Canadians may consider getting a COVID shot every 90 days. The Department of Health only weeks ago said a booster every nine months was sufficient.

“I understand that people can feel overwhelmed,” said Dr. Supriya Sharma, chief medical advisor to the health department. “There’s a lot of information and the messaging has changed a little bit from the pandemic.”

Bureau Chief (Parliament Hill)

Matthew Horwood is the Parliamentary Bureau Chief of the Western Standard based in the Parliamentary Bureau. He has a degree in journalism from Carleton University and has been a reporter for the Hill Times and the Ottawa Business Journal.

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It is unbelievable that any one would say this nonsense. The amount of scientific fact and the horrendous amount of health damage that these MRNA shots have done and are doing to people.! It is just so off the wall! These shots should be illegal, and off the market not being pushed like it is the defacto safety margin!

These shots not only do not protect any one from covid, they are the opposite. Over 83% of people getting sick have their 2,3rd 4th shot. The more shots you get the sicker you will be. It's insane what these guys are pushing. Will our world ever regain it's sanity? how do we protect ourselves from these brainwashed individuals? Do we just hang on until every one is sick or dead?

It makes you wonder what their true motive is.


Perhaps along with the vaccination every 90 days we should include voting for a new government. We may not solve COVID but at least politicians would pay attention if their tenure was only 90 days and had to get re-elected based on short term performance.

They would complain that nothing could get done....there is a philosophy that the most effective government is one that normally does would also need fewer bureaucrats....there has been much satire on this subject.


They are using 90 days to negotiate to every 9 months. My immunity will last forever but they will never stop pushing this until the first sellout to humanity gos to jail

Left Coast

Results from a peer-reviewed observational study of 88,012 strictly-controlled subjects from the city of Itajaí, Brazil that was published in the medical journal Cureus recently show that there is a 92% reduction in COVID-19 mortality if Ivermectin is taken regularly to prevent COVID-19.

Now that the COVID paranoiacs are gaslighting everyone by saying that the jabs were “never meant to prevent infection” like every other vaccine out there, and instead say that it’s meant to prevent severe outcomes, will they accept the prophylactic use of Ivermectin because it’s doing a bang-up job at that?

Boris Hall

The deadly poisonous for profit injections could kill every child in Canada and the vile evil satanic Liberano Trudeau infected mafia and their equally vile and evil MSM would still be coercing and pushing the poison injections for their investment portfolios

Unprecedented evil has taken hold in Canada


I would rather die than take one of your clot shots. Subhuman wastes of skin.


The dumb sheeple will comply. The zombiefication of Canada is nearly permanent

Boris Hall

Can WS please do a deep dive on vaccine related SADS in Alberta

Burnt Wood

Commissioner Rouleau, the chairman of the parliament committee investigating the Emergency Act invocation has a medical issue.

The news release said no further details about Rouleau’s health will be provided “out of respect for the privacy of the Commissioner and his family.”

Yet the rest of us are expected to stick our medical information on ArriveCan that will be shared around the world?


At least NACI is consistent with the science. It's quite accepted that immunity from vaccination begins to wane within a matter weeks. At least their recommendation seems data driven. The Ministry of Health seems to be picking a number out of thin air. The government can make all the recommendations they want, as long as they aren't mandating anything again, we're free to ignore their recommendations.

Paul S

I have this to share with Trudeau about getting a Covid shot every 90 days!..... Not in this lifetime! With any luck Trudeau and his horror show will be gone soon!

Boris Hall

Unspeakable satanic evil but 100% predicted by the “conspiracy theorists”

Next they will be harvesting organs from you and your children for the “greater good” because “that’s the science”

Trudeau and his globalist infection represent unfathomable evil that has come to Canada

Left Coast

So the Wuhan Flu that is so dangerous 99.96% of health adults survive . . . needs a shot every 90 days? That is so way past insane . . . .

The last Pfizer shot claimed it lasted 4 to 7 weeks . . . who didn't see this coming?

Most of my VAXED friends have caught covid and been sniffling & sickly for many months now . . . . I rely on Natural Immunity and have not had a sick day since Nov. 2019 when I had touch of Covid for 2 days.

Looks like they want to VAX you till your Dead . . . and that may be sooner than later!


So Derek and Cory can we expect photos of your jabs every 90 days now, lol. Time the WSO takes a stance and starts doing a real pushback against these death jabs.

Matthew Horwood Staff
Matthew Horwood

We're constantly writing stories about vaccine harms. What else do you want us to do? Start throwing Molotovs?


You guys are doing fine.


As far as I’m concerned, if someone wants to get the clot shot every day, that’s their choice, just don’t force me to get it, don’t make my job or livelihood dependent on if I get it or not, and don’t force me to get it for

Any reason, it’s pretty simple it’s a personal choice.


"Our immunity evolves". FFS man you have no immunity left therefore vaccincines fo eva.


Maybe Western Standard is brave enough, or maybe not, but someone needs to start publicly calling this mass vaccination campaign what it really is: Eugenics.

When you push medical experiments onto the mass population, with zero regard for individual outcomes, you are practicing in Eugenics. The weak will die from the treatments, but the strong will survive them (and the strongest of all will avoid them entirely). This is a form of accelerated natural selection. This has been a fetish of the "elites" in society for hundreds of years. Now they are operating in the open, but few, if any, dare call them out on it.

Only Freedom Matters Now

Really? You don't say? Who of average intelligence did not see this coming?

You fools!

When the government owns your body do you not understand what comes next? Do you have two good kidneys? Time to give one up . . . for the greater good.

Are you a useless eater in a wheelchair with a good functioning heart? Time to take one for the team . . . comrade.

Think this is hyperbole? Yeah, that's what many said over two years ago when some were insinuating that that injections would be mandated.

To be clear - your minimum obligation to push back is to not participate.


Why not daily?

Barron Not Barron

I vote for 3 times/day.


Then they're not actually vaccines are they. The good news is this will cause the majority that went along to get along to wake up.

AB Sovereignty

Sheeple will embrace this, and be, until it kills them and their kids that they forced it on. Then they will blame us.


...can't blame us if they're dead!


Canada has ordered more than 400 million COVID-19 vaccine shots:

John Paul Tasker · CBC News · Posted: May 21, 2021 4:00 AM ET | Last Updated: May 26, 2021

This means that Trudeau plans to inject every man, woman and child in Canada TEN TIMES.

This is committee report is not about any medical issue, it is about Trudeau trying to put off the criticism for over buying the covid injections. Trudeau has already had to throw out millions of injection because the vials had gone out of date.

Canadian in Western Canada

And the contracts are secret. Hard to pretend to be a democracy when the government hides even basic healthcare contracts.

Does Trudeau or any government or royal official get "compensation" for shots used? Do they lose that compensation if the shots are thrown away? Where is the money going? Where does it end up? We are told not to ask.


It is more because the Trudeau trust apparently owns rights or part of the rights to the lipid process, So they get a royalty on every shot. Imagine if it was even only a buck! But if that was true that is what he thinks your injury or death or your life is worth, essentially nothing. Still sec 111 of the criminal code is against his actions. Just like 423 (1)


For the first time in the history of man we require 90 bumps ups to survive.


This will never fly, so they will try to enforce. If we let them do this, we are lost as a species.


The sheep are now the lab rats.


It’s so past the point of credibility now, it would be more humane to just line people up on the edge of a ditch & get it over with . . .


With all the adverse events and deaths. With the release of the Pfizer documents many mistakenly thought this would have stopped. However, they are not letting up on this. This is nothing to be amused with. Dannielle Smith warns that federal vaccine mandates are imminent. At this stage it is evident that the federal government is deliberately trying to kill people.


Question is what will we do about it. We are many. Smith has her ear to the political ground, and I think she is correct. They will try to enforce.

Not Sure

Anybody else notice that all these "experts" are from places that thrive on back-water group-think, which leads to unlivable societies, and then they come here and shovel the same collectivist B.S. that made them want to escape? This is what "multiculturalism" really is- theft of political power.

Tommy Digger

Liberalism is a form of mental illness.


Is is Liberalism, ? or Globalism.


The next advice will be a booster every 60 days, and every 30 days you need to pat your head and rub your stomach in a circular motion at the same time. Why? Because some bureaucrat told you to, that's why! Now get rubbing you science denier!


People that let a medical person inject poison tested on rats into their arm because the government needs to get rid of millions of doses of vaccine that no one wants to save face deserve the result of being a test rat.


A hahahaha...

Do keep your blind allegiance. medical hubris and ridiculous inability to grasp natural phenomena up, the clown show gets funnier by the day.

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