Honda Canada Inc--Honda Performance Development Unveils CR-V Hybrid

2023 Honda CR-V Hybrid Racer (CNW Group/Honda Canada Inc.)

Who says low emission vehicles have to be for wimps?

Honda’s Canada-based research team has unveiled a hybrid CR-V hotrod it has affectionately nick-named “The Beast,” and it’s an absolute monster.

Shaun Polczer is an Energy Reporter and lifelong Albertan who has covered the Canadian oil and gas industry for more than 25 years. He began his career at rural weeklies in Redwater and Dayton Valley before moving onto progressively senior positions at the Daily Oil Bulletin, Calgary Herald and Petroleum Economist in London. He has freelanced extensively for financial publications in New York and Houston. 

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Left Coast

This Indycar power plant will be well north of $100,000 . . . maybe even 1/4 Million.

While an interesting toy it will likely never seen a Showroom.

Honda has never built a real performance sedan, unless you consider a hotted up FWD Civic performance. One mid-engine wanna-be exotic & an S2000 sports car that tended to blow up.

Both Mazda & Nissan have a far more illustrious careers in Road Racing real cars at both the professional level & club racing in IMSA, CACC & SCCA.

Toyota does their NASCAR schtick with a pushrod V8 they never actually built or put in any Toyota.

Indycar has run on Emission Free Alcohol "Methenol" since the early 60s . . . although fewer BTUs per gallon it vaporizes easier and has a cooling effect.

A car that is fueled by alcohol is no less scary should it catch fire, but there are a few critical differences. The fire is much easier to extinguish with water-based fire extinguishers. In fact, water is the fire extinguisher medium of choice for alcohol fires.

Back to the present . . . this completely unnecessary technology is going to drive the cost of racing through the roof . . . many smaller teams will not be able to compete . . . but it's all about pushing the Great Gorebull Warming myth in the now cooling world.

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