Hammerson Peters books

Hammerson Peters books

Hammerson Peters always loved history, but when he started writing for MysteriesOfCanada.com, his life changed forever. The place where mystery meets history has become his favourite place, inspiring six books and dozens of articles and YouTube videos.

“The ghost stories, some of the Sasquatch stories, and the UFO stories, obviously, those are so compelling to me. I used to be a skeptic. But when you hear so many similar stories from reliable people who seem to have their heads screwed on properly, you have to believe there’s something to it,” Peters said in an interview.

Senior Contributor (Saskatchewan)

Lee Harding is the Senior Saskatchewan Contributor for the Western Standard and Saskatchewan Standard based in the Regina Bureau. He has served as the Saskatchewan Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

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I imagine that in some decades in the future another smart and curious writer will be able to describe the Canadian Covid Mystery.

Hope it will be as revealing or even enlighting as those past ones.


Any aliens in these stories? Thats the next media sell.


We are making strange history right now. So the tradition lives on.

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