Sarah Climenhaga

Sarah Climenhaga

In 2018, Toronto mayoral candidate Sarah Climenhaga wanted to proclaim the right answers, but in 2022 she says people themselves are the answer.

“My first campaign was more geared about offering the right answer for everything. And this time, it's more offering to listen to try and to work together on what's going to benefit us every day,” Climenhaga told the Western Standard.

Senior Contributor (Saskatchewan)

Lee Harding is the Senior Saskatchewan Contributor for the Western Standard and Saskatchewan Standard based in the Regina Bureau. He has served as the Saskatchewan Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

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She won't win in that liberal criminal infested s-h-i-t hole they call Toronto


She certainly seems to talk the talk now….but will she walk the walk when push comes to shove….perhaps we have all become too cynical after those 2 years of nonsense they put us through…perhaps she should have yelled louder during the pandemic so she would be more believable….time will tell…


I respect this politicians views even though they don't totally align with mine. I used to lean left in my world view too but Leftists today bear little resemblance to those of the past. The left used to be about a living wage for low wage earners, a welcoming attitude towards real immigrants, an environmentalism that was about protecting our rivers, lakes, and wild lands, and the provision of help to citizens who did not have the mental or economic resources to help themselves. Now the new Left doesn't seem to care at all about those things. They just aggressively peddle "equity" (i.e. equal outcomes regardless of ability), economy destroying climate hysteria, adult sexuality to kids, open borders, and a growing number of other increasingly insane and destructive initiatives. Also, you used be able to debate left leaning folks over a beer. Now, if you try to debate the new Leftists they will either burst into tears or begin to personally attack you.


I agree entirely. I used to consider myself usually centre-left on most issues, but now the left has just veered waaaaaaaaay too far into some bizzaro world direction. Now I'd be considered a conservative simply by virtue of wanting the government to GTFO my personal life.


to expand a bit on the term "anti-vax"--for example, I am NOT anti-vaccine. I have had several vaccinations in my lifetime. The problem is: THE COVID SHOT IS NOT A "VACCINE" AS THE WORD IS DEFINED. They CALL it a vaccine, but the core thing that a REAL vaccine against disease X does is prevent you from getting X after you have taken the shot. These jabs DONT DO THAT. At the present time, more people are in hospital from covid that have had the "vakseen" (lets change the spelling since it is NOT a "vaccine") than those that have NOT had the shot(s). Labelling those of us who are against the Covid jabs as "anti-vaxers" is nothing more than an attempt to implicitly suggest that these jabs ARE EFFECTIVE in preventing Covid (they are not) and further suggest that people like me are 'AGAINST" the use of (real) vaccines (which is NOT the case). Welcome to the world of Globalist Scum.

Lee Harding Staff
Lee Harding

It is anti-mandate actually. I sont disagree with you that this shot is something different. However there's no simple way to pack that into a title. Anti-pseudo-vaccine mandate would not make sense to most people. Anti experimental jab might be more technically accurate but my line of inquiry wasn't along what she really thought of it. It was about her politics.

Boris Hall

Please don’t use the term “anti vaxx” as this was a term coined by the demonic globalist big Pharma/ Media complex to purposely vilify anyone using common sense and questioning the more than obviously fraudulent covid “vaccine” narrative

This was also the favourite vilification/ persecution term of the maggot Trudeau and his vile CBC propaganda arm

Lee Harding Staff
Lee Harding

It is anti vax mandate not anti vax. And if it was called anti mandate, there's too much context missing.

LOL (Little Old Lady)

She sounds a lot like me and how my views about myself and other people have changed. I no longer categorize myself as left or right and I am so thankful that independent media like Western Standard have not censored different points of view so that I can learn and grow.

Lee Harding Staff
Lee Harding


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