Pfizer docs analyst claims God the only hope against 'metaphysical' evil

Naomi Wolf
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An author who studied Pfizer vaccine documents released on court order said the US is in “fundamental peril” with God as its only hope.

Naomi Wolf made her comments in an October speech to supporters of the Mises Institute.

“I really knew I was home, when the first line of my Wikipedia description of ‘conspiracy theorist’ was launched upon all of you, and you burst into unanimous applause,” she told her audience in Auburn, AL.

Wolf said her 2008 book The End of America demonstrated ten steps tyrants made to close an open society and she watched them all unfold during the pandemic.

“This was classic totalitarianism putting itself in place and I was astonished because most people around me couldn't see it and didn't recognize it. But I knew perfectly well,” she said.

“This is a time of great fundamental peril.”

The US Food and Drug Administration planned to take 75 years to respond to a Freedom of Information Access request on the documentation it received from Pfizer on the COVID-19 vaccine, but a court decision last year forced the data to be disclosed much faster.

Wolf has collaborated with 3,500 scientists and medical experts to examine the documents, resulting in a book and a continuing series of reports on DailyClout. She alleged Pfizer’s claims of vaccine efficacy were established by removing most records of those who had contracted COVID during the trial.

Contrary to some public claims, Pfizer’s biodistribution study showed the lipid nanoparticles and spike proteins of the vaccine went far past the shoulder muscle and went throughout the body. They collected in key organs and every subsequent shot and booster added to the accumulation.

“What is being found now by nurses who are doing abdominal surgeries is blocked fallopian tubes. And Pfizer knew this,” she said.

“Jim Thorpe and other independent midwives we've interviewed show that they're finding nettings of calcifications now around placentas of pregnant women so that the baby can't get food or oxygen. And midwives are confirming that the placenta is not growing sufficiently.”

Wolf said one Pfizer “chamber of horrors” was a chart listing female menstruation anomalies and the large numbers of those who suffered them. She alleged maternal death rates have gone up and that the Pfizer documents anticipated such problems.

Female vaccine trial recipients were warned not to get pregnant. Of the 34 who did, 28 lost their babies. In some cases, Pfizer’s own documents explicitly blamed this on the vaccine.

Vaccinated men were told to use two forms of contraception with unvaccinated women. Pfizer documents also said vaccine genetic material could be spread through “skin contact” and “inhalation.”

Wolf is especially concerned for those in utero when their mothers took the vaccine.

“[T]he lipid nanoparticles degrade the sertoli cells and the Leydig cells of the testes of baby boys in utero. And these are the factories of masculine hormones,” Wolf said.

“We don't even know what these little boys in utero are going to grow up to be — if they're even going to be men in the traditional sense.”

Wolf said there had been a 13% to 20% drop in live births around the world, but especially in the West, including “a million missing babies in Western Europe.”

She called the Pfizer vaccine a “bioweapon” that did much more harm to US residents than the rest of the world put together.

Pfizer subsidiary BioNtech, which produced the injections, contracted with Fosun Pharmaceuticals, which Wolf said was run by “senior Chinese Communist Party” (CCP) officials.

“They were contracted to produce a billion doses. They were not for use in China; people in China take a different injection. They were exported. And China opened 14 manufacturing plants in Western Europe and two in the United States…to produce the Pfizer injection.

“The IP [intellectual property], according to the SEC, was transferred in 2021 to China, not to a Chinese individual, not to a Chinese company, to China.”

The former “media darling on the left” was a political adviser to Bill Clinton and Al Gore during their presidential campaigns. Wolf said she’d been in a leftist “bubble…and I didn't know how wrong some of my ideas were. And you don't know that in that bubble, because that bubble is so hegemonic, and so perfected in its self-referential, suffocating, reflection of itself eternally. It's a bubble without escape.”

Wolf said calling out the government response to the pandemic alienated many of her associates and family members and left her derided as a conspiracy theorist in publications that formerly ran her columns.

“I think that the CCP allied with globalists, that you guys rightly don't like, the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, non-government actors like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, have united to create a new world order in which we're dead or disabled, or sterilized,” she said.

Wolf said the US open border to the south intentionally eroded democracy, leading to “a post-democratic, post-human rights world in which a bunch of oligarchs decide everyone's fate.”

The way the pandemic and its response worked “in lockstep around the world in exactly the same way” was “not normal history” to Wolf. She suggested “something metaphysical” was at work, “a battle between good and evil…a manifestation of massive dark forces that really just hate humanity.”

Wolf paraphrased 2 Chronicles 7:14 and said her faint hope for humanity’s survival was divine intervention.

“I'm not proselytizing. Just for me, personally, I have become much more sure that I need God, and that God is the way we're gonna get out of this, and that we're not going to get out of this without God.”

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