A security guard who worked at an Alberta COVID-19 vaccine clinic said he saw "hundreds" of people have adverse reactions, including dozens who fainted and had to be laid on mats in separate rooms.

"They started putting mats outside all the rooms because so many people were either fainting or feeling faint and had to lay down. It started to disturb me," Bob Burke said.

Bureau Chief (Parliament Hill)

Matthew Horwood is the Parliamentary Bureau Chief of the Western Standard based in the Parliamentary Bureau. He has a degree in journalism from Carleton University and has been a reporter for the Hill Times and the Ottawa Business Journal.

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Bernard 12

My grandnephew and his wife got some kind of flu that they said made them a lot more sick than the regular flu. But it was a side effect of the Covid vaccine.

2 studies calculate the estimate for number of deaths due to the Covid vaccines for the US at 150,000, which works out world-wide to about 8 mln. per year. The pathocracy is certainly hiding the information about adverse effects and is denying adverse effects, too. It and its supporters also smear anyone who opposes totalitarianism and plutocracy. The pathocracy is by definition criminally insane, and it shows. And most people would rather believe the pathocracy than legitimate MDs and scientists.


I'm the security guard that interviewed with Matthew. I've asked the Western Standard and Matthew Horwood to please correct the errors in the article. There were padded mats outside the jab rooms, not outside the clinic. They would throw the mat down inside the jab room and close the door. I have no idea how this got misconstrued to suggest people were lying down outside the clinic. Please fix this.

Matthew Horwood Staff
Matthew Horwood

It has been fixed.


Like the poor lady who died minutes after her vaccination in a Saskatoon drug store. Natural causes, right.


It will be an interesting Winter

Creepy Little Dictator

Youtube would ban this story. So would CBC, Post Media, and many other government funded news organs.


Thank you for reporting these stories. I am astounded how little the average person knows, still, and the more people hear even the whisperings on the train, or in line at the store, the better off we will all be.

Left Coast

And the lines kept coming for the Killer VAX . . . the Sheeple just stood and watched.

That is just way past insane . . . this insanity should have been stopped the first day!

Dr McCullough: Any Person Dying With No Prior History of Significant Disease, It's the Vax

How long does the vaccine last in your body? What can you do if you were vaxxed? Can we even answer those questions?



“Those that give up freedom for safety deserve neither.”

~Benjamin Franklin~

Berta baby

lol shocker , I mean who saw that coming ? line up sheep its time for your science


AHS and PHAC always say the same thing. They are monitoring for adverse effects of the vaccine or that none have been reported. Yet when you actually do report an adverse reaction, it is dismissed. Seems like for our health agencies they follow the guidelines of see no evil, speak no evil, do no evil. But they evil they did was criminal.


The official responses from AHS are revealing. They can be summed up as “ve know nothing!” But are they looking? Of course not, they are looking hard in the opposite direction. It’s a fact, on record, that AHS has barred Doctors from reporting vaccine injuries and from writing exemption letters. So all the multitude of injuries are called “coincidences” or “unknown” causes, just how the #1 cause of death in Alberta is now “unknown.” They work hard every day to cover their own tracks and prevent data from being gathered and released to the public. When was the last time you saw some hard numbers from AHS on covid cases and deaths by vaccination status? They are hiding that from you because the truth is horrific and would self incriminate them.

Where such data is known, it clearly shows that the more jabs in a person, the higher the odds are of catching Covid and dying from Covid. It also shows all cause mortality has skyrocketed among the jabbed.

When you understand how the mRNA “vaccines” work, the reasons why are clear: once injected, lipid nano particles carry the mRNA all over the body, crossing the blood brain barrier and concentrating in reproductive organs and the heart. Once arrived, the mRNA co-opts cells and turns them into little factories churning out foreign “spike proteins” with no clearly defined off switch to this production (speculation on how long runs the spectrum from months, to years, to lifetime). These spike proteins are pathogenic and are proven to cause all of the symptoms associated with “Covid” illness. In case you don’t get it yet, this can be simplified as: “Covid shots give you Covid.”

It’s a biggest fraud ever perpetuated on mankind, and lacking any action from politicians so far, it continues unabated.

Boris Hall

Wow 100%

Thanks for the great comment

Craig R

Thank you Western Standard. Hard to believe so few outlets want to report on these issues. Its for the safety of the citizens and all these MSM are completely ignoring another side to these injections. MSM is just as complicit as the corrupt and immoral people/pharma companies that push this cr@p.


Great article! Thanks Bob and WEstern Standard.


Senior AHS staff will never admit to the disaster they inflicted on Albertans. Give lower level staff assurances that their jobs are secure and they will sing like canaries. They are certainly talking to their friends and families now.

Canadian in Western Canada

"We encourage anyone who witnesses or experiences a possible reaction to a vaccine to report it to their health care provider."

Report and risk violating zero tolerance polices. Reporting is often taken as complaining (seen that first hand) which is not allowed.

Complaining is not allowed for good reasons. The people we would complain to, our healthcare providers, know they are failing, know they are overwhelmed, under performing, over worked (or hiding) and underpaid (unless they hide).

Constant reminders of failure is abusive but they cannot target management as the cause. Management is protected while most patients are not. Which is why it is patients who are called abusive for complaining and risk being denied healthcare.

The best way to deal with such problems is to stop giving them your business, go elsewhere. That is not allowed in Canada because if it was Canadian Healthcare would have no more business than CBC has viewers.


The biggest problem is that the doctors seem to have had an "a priori" position that the jab was not responsible for anything.

What would the point be of telling your doctor that you believe you were injured by the jab only to be told that it must be anything but the jab?

This goes so deep and the financial incentive for hospitals and doctors to keep quiet was all-encompassing. The corruption involved is going to push some people to insanity when they finally realize the truth.

private property

Wow - this guy told the truth, that is scary in Trudeau's Canada.


More coming out. I wonder if people in Alberta are feeling more safe to tell their stories now that Smith is Premier?

Only Freedom Matters Now

A fundamental difference between humans and animals is humans have the ability to reason whereas animals do not. Those standing in line watching people faint and have seizures who do not leave are behaving like animals - like sheep to the slaughter.


Thanks MH. Happy to see somebody reporting on this.

Edward S

So sad.

Barron Not Barron

I am going to say it again - no sympathy for the victims of injections. Nobody turned away after seeing what it did...

Boris Hall

Check out the latest Pfizer admission in the EU parliament …..

The murderous lying criminals are being exposed more and more everyday

EVERYTHING the “antivaxxers” were saying 2 years ago is proving 100% correct


In a just society psychotic monsters like Trudeau and Bonnie Henry who forced this deadly poison on us AND OUR CHILDREN would be facing the death penalty for what they have done





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