Marco Mendicino

Marco Mendicino 

New federal gun controls “may reduce the number of firearms some hunters use,” admits a federal briefing note to Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino. It claimed hunters will have to find alternatives.

“We recognize the proposed changes may reduce the number of firearms some hunters use today,” said the note Comprehensive Prohibition Of Assault Style Firearms. “However, over 19,000 non-restricted semi automatic rifles and shotguns would remain available for Canadians to use. Our government will continue to work to find the right balance for this bill.”

Bureau Chief (Parliament Hill)

Matthew Horwood is the Parliamentary Bureau Chief of the Western Standard based in the Parliamentary Bureau. He has a degree in journalism from Carleton University and has been a reporter for the Hill Times and the Ottawa Business Journal.

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Rusty Pipes

Make no mistake, the Liberals are already on task to confiscate the rest of the other "19,000 hunters firearms. Their end game is total disarmament of the Canadian population. The censorship, massive gun confiscations and divisive politics are pages right out of Hitler's playbook.


Apparently the Public Safety Minister, PM Trudeau and associated special interest groups believe that banning firearms will result in them not longer being accessible in Canada.

There is little question organized crime will regard firearms bans as a golden opportunity for increasing profits. Potentially creating new markets for unregistered firearms? Understand that many illicit drugs are banned as well - is there a shortage?

Perhaps one should never underestimate the influence of a multi-billion dollar group of (criminal) organizations....take a look at Project ANOM...

Jordan Luenz

"It claimed hunters will have to find alternatives." Well, I guess I will have to buy a few Cold Steel Torpedos then!


if Mendocino tells us the sun is shining and its a beautiful day, what are the odds that a monsoon rain is actually happening?

Woodrow George

Welcome to present-day Cuba. Brought to you by the Trudeau-Singh-Notley coalition.


Perhaps the government could purchase these '19000' non restricted semi auto rifles to trade for the ones they want to steal from us. When a liberal politician opens his/her mouth, he/she is lying.

It's time to remove the lot of them.

Alberta Farmer

A government who wants and is trying to take your guns away is a government who is planning to do something bad enough to you that you will try defend yourself with those so called guns!


It does cause some thought as to why a democratic government would fear its own citizens so much...


What about target shooting? What about how they are trying to destroy the sport that I love? I can't say how I really feel about this because WS won't let me.


The Bill has nothing to do with safety, and everything to do with disarming a population. When they take those guns, more will follow. Then they will take your home. Because they can, and they have already set precedent that they can take your personal property. Remember, Canadians do not have the right to own their own homes. The US does, but not Canada. This is something we need to hit our MP's and MLA's up about. Property rights. Liberals will use all the legal tools they have to take our rights, and the only way to alter that is create better legislation.


[thumbdown]This Bill has little to do with actual safety but more to do with Justin shoring up his support in eastern urban areas with an ignorant public who have had very little to do with civil gun well it provides a convenient axis of attack on lawful gun owners who are mainly Conservative and must be punished. Big Marco should start acting like a Minister for all Canadians and not just the GTA by withdrawing this rubbish legislation...


Polarization is the second golden rule (second only to follow the gold....a true Liberal



Perhaps Menedicino is worried that farmers might try to protect their property and livelihood fro ecco police from the "Environmental Control Directorate"

Trudeau’s government has big plans to enforce its environmental regulations as the ministry of Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) is creating a new facility with interrogation rooms, biological labs, controlled quiet rooms, intelligence facilities, media relations offices, and a firearms armoury.

The new facility, first reported by The Counter Signal, is to be located in Winnipeg and provides a glimpse into “climate enforcement” within Canada in the future.

On the job board Indeed, the ECCC is recruiting Climate “Pollution” Officers for a new unit called the “Environmental Enforcement Directorate.”


Should be able to get any type of firearm one desires after the confiscation the black market on guns is gonna be a free for all. Thanks for making the streets more dangerous mendincino your a complete fool. Will the rcmp be selling the confiscated guns out the back door like they have been doing for years. Every gun that gets confiscated should be sabotage so when they do sell them out the back door people start getting injured


There has been some talk of a portable machine to bend the gun barrels, as they gov't know how corrupt the RCMP have become. After all, it was the government that corrupted them.

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