Enbridge has sold a $1.12 billion stake in its pipeline system, to a partnership of 23 First Nations communities.

A group of 101 Canadian energy leaders have requested Prime Minister Justin Trudeau help the energy industry. 

“We, the undersigned, are writing you today to express our commitment to global energy markets and raise concerns regarding your government’s treatment of Canadian energy producers,” said the group in an open letter to Trudeau Friday that was wrapped around the front of the National Post

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You have to ask yourself, answer in all honesty,. Why is this court challenge just being launched now?? What not 7 years ago when the soya drinkers in PMs office first pushed these bogus industry killing bills down the throats of Western Canadians? Where was JK then, where were these other 9 provincial leaders?


These company leaders are weak, take it as a challenge but don’t cave into their demands.


The energy industry in Canada has been led by appeasers for far too long. Any corporation who will not staunchly defend their business as a moral and beneficial contributor to society, does not deserve to grow. Unfortunately, the very leaders have also not fought the very regulatory state they complain about because it is the primary tool in increasing the 'cost of entry' for other players. Hopefully soon, their shareholders will hold the activists among them and the apologists leading these corps accountable through litigation.

Left Coast

These Execs. need to be better informed . . . checking out site like


is a great place to start.

Gorebull Warming aka Klimate Change has always been a flawed creation of the UNs IPCC and their 100+ Computer Models. Nothing they have ever predicted has come to pass. It is all about Wealth Transfer & Control.

There is NOTHING today to replace Oil & Gas . . . Windmils are a complete Joke and Never Recover the amount of Energy required to Build Them. Solar Panels are a Toxic Mess and in a decade poison the land they are displayed on.

As we watch Europe collapse from the cold this winter with their insanely expensive Wind Farms & Solar . . . I imagine if you had a few of containers of wood stoves you could make a fortune over there.

"What historians will definitely wonder about future centuries is how deeply flawed logic, obscured by shrewd and unrelenting propaganda, actually enabled a coalition of powerful special interests to convince nearly everyone in the world that CO2 from human industry was a dangerous, planet-destroying toxin. It will be remembered as the greatest mass delusion in the history of the world – that CO2, the life of plants, was considered for a time to be a deadly poison."

Richard Lindzen, Professor Emeritus MIT


All part of PM Murderer-in-Chief Castreau's attack from within, with his WEF "penetrated" government.

As for helping Europe, in case no one is noticing, German rearmament spending is going up to the full 2% of GDP, which is massive in respect to their economy. They are not a people to sit idly by while their country disintegrates. They will come and take what they need. Sit back and watch! History always repeats . We, the victors in both world wars have a sorry history of forgetting!


These "heads of industry" Clowns have to start being honest--with the people of Canada for a start. "CLIMATE CHANGE" caused by "emissions" of CO2 IS A COMPLETE CROCK. And they have to know that it is. Anyone who watched the sexual pervert railway engineer heading up the IPCC clown show back in the 1990's, who has rudimentary critical thinking skills, knows this. So now that Trudeau has taken this HOAX AND FRAUD to its logical conclusion, why the whining and wringing of hands??? You all need to resign and see that some straight thinkers replace you all. Once we stop worrying about "reducing emissions" it will all fall into place. C02 IS NOT A POLLUTANT. It's a TRACE GAS. NECESSARY FOR OUR FOOD SUPPLY. A trace gas. DOES NOT RAISE GLOBAL TEMP. So---there is NO NEED to worry about these "greenhouse gases" (see the connotation there?) SO NO NEED TO STOP THE PIPELINES. or keep tankers from shipping out of Vancouver (they already are not restricted on the east coast, remember?) Or curtail drilling. YOU ARENT GOING TO "beat them at their own game" by sucking up that you are "fighting climate change" along with them. ITS A HOAX AND A FRAUD, folks. Politicians seem to congenitally be untruthful. Can we have a few businessmen THAT CAN BE STRAIGHT WITH US??


Why speak now? Do they sense a shift in governments powerbase ? Do they hears rumors?


Its great that these industry leaders are now speaking up, but where have they been for the last 7 years of Trudeau’s dynasty? This challenge is late in coming. They are also short of the now WOKE large oil companies in this bid to get Bill C69 abolished. But at least it’s a start!


I suspect this letter will fall on deaf ears as usual.


If energy leaders, business leaders, the elite in Western Canada want to help they need to help get us out of Confederation. Appealing to Canada will not help. That should be obvious after +100yrs of such appeals.

If Canada were to allow Western Canadians to be free to develop their resources, to have a say in the Rules, Laws and Taxes Western Canadians have to live with it would end the Canada they have been building for over 150yrs.

Notice the use of the term "Canadian" resources. It is easy to spot federalists by the language they use. Canada, Confederation, has no resources. They are, or rather were meant to be, owned by the provinces thanks to hard fought negotiations in the 1800's.

Listen to Quebec businesses, Quebec Industry, Quebec politicians. Ever hear them refer to Quebec resources as Canadian? In Quebec they understand referring to Quebec resources, like hydroelectricity, as a Canadian resource is something federalists do, not the nationalists that make up the majority of their National Assembly.


Pierre Poilievre hasn’t been opposition leader for a week and business leaders, CPC mp’s and average citizens are already standing up for themselves again, finally I am starting to feel better about being a Canadian again, it’s guarded optimism, but it is slowing starting to return.

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