68th annual Bilderberg Group Meeting

68th annual Bilderberg Group Meeting

Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland and former chief of the Bank of Canada, Mark Carney, among others, will be spending their weekends at the 68th Bilderberg Meeting.

The meeting runs from 2–5 June 2022 in heavily guarded seclusion in Washington, D.C.

Reporter (Alberta)

Amanda Brown is an Alberta reporter for the Western Standard and Alberta Report. She has been a professional copy editor and features writer for regional media in Alberta since 2013.

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They are not there to make the world a better place but rather to increase their own wealth and power.


Q: What do you call a plane crash with 300 Bildeberg attendees aboard?

A: ................................a good start


according to info on the internet, Jason Kenney attended 3 of these. in 2014 he took the head of the Bank of Canada with him and they had confidential talks with some others there.


That SUNCOR is there should tell ALBERTA what is happening. We are being destroyed just like Trudy 1.

Boris Hall

Globalist enslavement conference


You know who isn’t represented? And who is never represented at these events? Average every day people, not a single average, tax paying citizen is invited nor are we represented. These F’ers are planning how to fornicate the rest of us.


Maybe average everyday tax paying citizens should have their own annual meetings. Suggesting that Ottawa again next year, same time and place as the first one in February this year.


If I'm reading this correctly, Clinton became president shortly after the meeting in '91 and Merkel became chancellor shortly after the meeting in '05, does this mean we can expect Freeland to take over from Trudeau? Regardless, all topics and the participants in general should be of greatest concern.


This group is the pinnacle of cults. Worse than the WEF because of the secrecy. "Debating society"?? More like satanic society. Why would Canada pay the way of participants? More waste of taxpayer money!


WEF 2.0

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