Child caskets

A Toronto-based casket manufacturer has taken to Twitter to report historically high child casket sales by the company he works for.

The casket salesman, who asked to be referred to by his first name only, told the Western Standard his company has never seen such a significant rise in bulk sales of caskets typically used to bury children. Mick said all producers are seeing this huge uptick in youth-sized coffin sales.

Reporter (Alberta)

Amanda Brown is an Alberta reporter for the Western Standard and Alberta Report. She has been a professional copy editor and features writer for regional media in Alberta since 2013.

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If the people don't get you, God will. Burn in hll, mfers.

Salty Mom

This needs to happen everywhere to expose the evil truth.


UN agenda 21/2030 and WEF working as planned.

6 billion have to go they say

Dave's Dog

CBC just did a hero story where an Edmonton mom takes their 5 year old to the US for the Vax.


Read the obituaries, is all I say!

Thank you WS for exposing the Satanists.


Just imagine the outcry if "Mick" had said the increased sales of youth caskets was going mostly to Indian reserves.

gordonpratt Indian reserves in Western Canada.


All of the evidence points to the injections killing and injuring people.

Boris Hall

One word

Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine and vaccine

Forward Thinking

The Canadian government are murderers. They killed off all these kids using the vaccine that they knew was poisonous and are trying to justify what they have done under the guise of the "climate change".

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