Garnett Genuis

Garnett Genuis

Conservative MPs slammed journalist Dale Smith for his tweet suggesting MP Garnett Genuis is similar to a lame horse that should be shot.

Smith, a freelance journalist in the Parliamentary Press Gallery, was responding to Genuis' comments during Question Period on Wednesday when he included lyrics from Bohemian Rhapsody in his question.

Bureau Chief (Parliament Hill)

Matthew Horwood is the Parliamentary Bureau Chief of the Western Standard based in the Parliamentary Bureau. He has a degree in journalism from Carleton University and has been a reporter for the Hill Times and the Ottawa Business Journal.

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(21) comments


Regardless of what was responded to; reporters (they are not journalists) should not endorse a double standard.

Should any elected official even vaguely reference any level of violence towards a media employee - it would be headline news with appropriate condemnations from the media and the other political parties.

Much comment being made by those who consider the response overreaction - consider what response would have been appropriate and then reflect on the first statement regarding what reversing the situation would have been.

There are four sides to every story: One side, the other side, the political or media side and the truth.

Burnt Wood

Yes but, are we tossing the baby out with the bathwater?

I don't mean any real babies of course, but really. is MP Garnett Genuis a dud, or a "dead horse" just stinking up a commons seat?

I know we have a head horse in our federal riding for an MP. You get a stupid virtue signalling flyer once a year, but he NEVER answers any emails or questions.

Just another dead horse stinking up a seat so that we can get Poilievre as PM.


That may be said of many MP's. Perhaps joining your local riding association and

calling your MP to task may be a solution?

It would also appear that a majority of your riding still voted in your MP's favour.

This is not necessarily an endorsement as many questions may be asked about voters in any riding were thinking (or not) when they voted.


Now we’re killing babies?


While I agree Smith should have his credentials revoked, this is a distraction ploy to move the attention away from Trudeau and his terrible actions and record. Not to mention the GG spending the cupboard empty.


It's ok for the woke folk to threaten murder on people. Heck, our health minister, Prime Minister, provincial AHS leaders, all DID murder people during the scamdemic with their forced jab-poisoning. This is pretty tame and perfectly acceptable from the left. Gotta learn to accept the new face of Canada.


I have read this story twice and I agree the Conservatives should have spoken up but I can't get past the thought that if I didn't know I was reading opinions from elected Conservatives, I would have assumed it was Liberal opinions. Smith was baiting them and they fell for it. It was the way the Conservatives responded that bothered me. We are better than the Liberals/NDP but it didn't show this time. Not even from Poilievre.


We ARE better than the Liberals and NDP, but that doesn’t mean we need to take subliminal messages threatening violence as just him things done by Liberals, NDP and their propagandists the MSM, if we do not stand up and confront these people and show their hypocrisy, it doesn’t get any better, it simply escalates into actual violence against conservatives, we see it happening, and it continues to get worse, from people attacking others for simply wearing red hats, to people

Being run over because they have conservative political views, problem being beaten, harassed and denigrated, and it starts with the disrespect shown for others by the Liberals/NDP and the MSM, so I say good on this guy for fighting back, good on him for turning a political truck used by the left and MsM to belittle them, just as they do almost every day to conservatives.


I think its alright that the cons starting treating the journalnuts and lefty's the same way they've been treated. Sometimes you got to show these clowns just what they're like. I'm sure this journalnut is a racist, homophobe, and an extremist too!!!!

Forward Thinking

Andrew Sheer finally found his b***s and has decided to confront the commies in our midst. The sky is truly falling. If he had only done this years ago when he was the leader we wouldn't be in the mess we are in. Ah well, better late then never I guess. Welcome to the party Mr Sheer!

Creepy Little Dictator

Has David Akin been dragged before the Trudeau Media Accreditation Board to explain why he went nuts at Poilievre's press conference a couple of weeks ago?

If not, why not? If not, what is the reason for having it? Are there no standards to be maintained? No professional scrutiny? He won't be, which just further emphasizes that the whole media accreditation board is a fascist device to protect the corrupt Liberal government.

Berta baby

Garnett is doing a great job! He is a very good representative of his community which I am a part.


The hypocrisy is stunning, while urinalists whined and cried because they where scared of peaceful protesters, claimed they felt threatened by normal average Canadians simply exercising their constitutional right to peacefully protest, they now(and according to a few commenters here as well) think we should just shrug this off as someone just

Joking. This guy is a F’ing journalist, not just some dickweed who is tapping in the bar, we just saw a disgusting attack from another so called Journalist on the newly elected leader of the official opposition, Akin deliberately ruined what should have been a happy occasion, do you FKtards think that was some kind of accident? We are supposed to “lighten up” as we are threatened, attacked and harassed? I’m sorry if you Fn weinies and whimps here don’t want to stand up for yourself, you go ahead and take the abuse, I refuse to, and if pointing out the hypocrisy of the MSM, and now, even some commenters here, is to much, then I say a big FU to you as well.


I don't care what side of the isle they're on. This fake outrage has to stop.


Ya, ok, so just continue to let these

Hypocrites attack with subliminal hate and bend over and take it the azz from them. Well to you I say go ahead, bend over and take it, but STFU about people who are calling out the hypocrisy, go ahead, bend

Over spread the cheeks and let the MSM and Liberals ram it right on in.


I think the conservative mp should stop being such a pansy or go join the liberals

Weyland Yutani

Guest346 nailed it. Such faux outrage over a criticism of Genuis's lame attempt to be funny. Not of Genuis himself. Not impressed by this Liberal behaviour.


Guest and you are full of feces, if you don’t want to stand up when these leftwing hacks launch subliminal attacks on people you go right ahead and take it up the azz from them, but don’t expect others to do the same.

Weyland Yutani

You really come unravelled when someone disagrees with you. Like some sort of Liberal/Democrat/Snowflake.


Maybe.... or double down, considering how many articles and tweets you can find claiming 'journalists' are being 'threatened and harassed'. It does serve to highlight that they dish it out - at the very least - as often as they receive it.

Pot, meet kettle, on both sides.


You may want to roll over and accept it in the Azz from Trudeau, the Liberals and their propaganda wing, the MSM, and you have every right to do so, but don’t be critical of people with enough guts to stand up a be critical of these hypocrites.

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