Jeremy MacKenzie

Diagolon Founder Jeremy MacKenzie poses for a photo. 

Canadian Armed Forces veteran and Diagolon leader Jeremy MacKenzie has been de-banked from Scotiabank and banned from entering any of its branches.

"I have 30 days to find alternative means of financing the mortgage on the home, where my children live and everything else you could imagine," MacKenzie said in a Facebook post on Friday.

Bureau Chief (Parliament Hill)

Matthew Horwood is the Parliamentary Bureau Chief of the Western Standard based in the Parliamentary Bureau. He has a degree in journalism from Carleton University and has been a reporter for the Hill Times and the Ottawa Business Journal.

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Mr. Grumpy

Yep just one more step towards a mandatory digital ID (probably tattooed on ones forehead ) . Social control of the population is closer than you think.

Comment deleted.

you are a special kind of person, to wish this on another Canadian.


Communism has taken hold in Canada!


The banking system in Canada is an interesting animal. (as are some non-Canadian financial groups/institutions). I have not done any research to ferret out details, but here are some thoughts "off the top". Prior to 1982, "constitutional law" in Canada amounted to an analysis of sec. 91 and 92 (plus a handful of other clauses) that laid out provincial vs federal jurisdiction. "Banking" was federal. But given the Credit Unions have operated for decades under provincial jurisdiction, I would assume that the boundaries have been set via historical court precedents. (recall that Social Credit governments, in the 30's tried to issue their own currency, without success). The Feds have wormed in a niche that supposedly covers all such Canadian financial institutions, via terrorist financing and money laundering and related "reporting" that has not seemed to have had any visible success over the years (certainly none that have resulted in any prosecutions or helped lead to any such). Persons who belong to a credit union have control over it, to a large extent, by electing the Board. (Aside from regulation to assist in the CU remaining solvent for the benefit of account holders, say) sometimes when a directive comes in from someone who "appears" to have authority, lower level employees will comply, lest they get into some sort of trouble. The membership needs to keep a close eye on that, so that confidential banking info isnt being compromised to the feds where no proper authority exists for doing so. The second area is a bit more esoteric. My guess is that BNS (who I dumped some years back after using them for many years) does not make huge amounts of money from their "retail" accounts. They amount to a legislated oligopoly (a monopoly of a small number of them) justified by their providing a banking service to the average Canadian (as well as the feds themselves, as a conduit for payments out (pensions??) and payments in (income tax, GST, etc.). Someone who is not a millionaire may not be profitable enough for them to want to retain.


This regime has no qualms about how they silence any opposition......


The Canadian banking association has been contracted to develop the means to implement government digital ID for 16 of the G20 currently signed up with the WEF. The Bank of canada is looking at the global digital currency. These things have been agreed behind closed doors - for Canada.

Burnt Wood

Darn, and thought the Scotia Bank would stick to the banking business. Looks like I was wrong. Someone phoned the Scotia Bank and asked them to bulldoze Mackenzie, and the bank complied.

Time to move my account. Any recommendations in BC?


Viva Frei started a GiveSendGo to help out Mackenzie. Donate if you can.


Credit Unions are no safer than the "big banks".

I would like to see a "fund me account set up to pay the mortgage. Hopefully people will inflict some pain on Scotia Bank!

Regardless of bank status, chartered or Credit Union, there are always moral busy bodies that live to inflict pain on others, more so in smaller towns.


Credit should go to Matthew for being one of the few reporters in Canada to cover this story. Even if people have issues with Jeremy (which I don't), the idea that you can have your bank account removed due to your political views is outrageous and sets a terrible precedent.

In the end, destroying the Canadian banking sector was the one thing I never thought the Liberals would touch given how sound and respected it was internationally - they have destroyed everything. But I will also be closing my scotiabank accounts.


As one of Scotiabanks abused customers for 30 years I will be ending the pain ASAP


Time that all Canadians debank Scotia bank. That is how you let them know that being government lackeys is NOT in their best interest. If you have a account with them move it to somewhere else as soon as possible.


I'm unvaxxed and lost my job with CN Rail because of the vaccine mandate along with hundreds of fellow employees.

A bunch of us donated money to the freedom convoy. Two in our group who bank with federally regulated banks (TD, Scotia, etc...) had their accounts frozen.

I am part of a credit union and learned credit unions are provincially regulated and out if reach for the federal Liberal party.

If you like freedom you shouldn't have a account at a federally regulated bank, also move your mortgage away from these banks as soon as possible.


My concern is that this is happening to a lot of Canadian patriots, only most are to ashamed or afraid to go public.

IMHO, the big 5, HSBC, Laurentian Bank, National Bank and Farm Credit are no better and no more ethical than any of the drug cartels in central and south America. Farm Credit agents had been advised to report anyone criticizing the government or being pro convoy to report and close their accounts.

Comment deleted.
Forward Thinking

Of course you would cheer on another war crime by an illegitimate authoritarian regime you commie pinko. You are absolute scum and mark my words there will come a day when you end up on the wrong side of the regime and you will reap what you have sown. The politicans are not the root cause of our problems. You are the root cause of the problem. Without dirtbags like yourself supporting and propping up the regime it would collapse. Sharing this country with the commies is not sustainable and inevitable all of this has to come to a head. Just a matter of 🕒

Comment deleted.

I am not happy when someone who fights for my rights and freedoms is put down by government, its agencies or its flunkies, especially our convoy participants. And if people actually reaped what they sowed, where would the likes of Trudeau, Freeland, Notley , et al keep their fortunes?


"the Canadian Anti-Hate Network has called Diagolon a far-right, accelerationist group"

The 'Canadian Anti-hate Network' is a hate acceleration network.

Comment deleted.

Shall I dance gleefully when they come for you, for something you say that someone disagrees with? Foolish troll.


So one of the big 5 chartered Canadian banks has decided that it doesn’t approve of this man’s politics and is de-banking him. We are already too far down the slippery slope with this kind of BS. I’d like to hear about any actual terrorists that Scotiabank has de-banked, not just those individuals with whom they disagree. For the record, I de-banked Scotiabank years ago for different but equally ridiculous reasons. I recommend that others do as well. And let them know why you are doing it.


You reap what you sow - in this case Jeremy ruined his own life for the sake of his need to feel victimized. Cry me a river.


So can you name anyone else in history that was debanked by ANY bank in canaduh that has a criminal record or was charged with a crime?



Mars Hill

I believe Jeremy will be OK, he's a Patriot fighter, father and I think husband. It's my understanding that shortly the banks will for the most part be drastically reduced in number and influence; they'll be around to provide basic service for we the people.

Woodrow George

Welcome to Stalinist USSR, present-day Cuba, 1930s-1940s Germany. Take your pick; they're all the same.

Now add the Trudeau-Singh-Notley coalition in present-day Canada to the list.

Michael S.

That's just it they are the same.


Our Canadian reality is being shaped by money and greed that’s it that’s all

Woodrow George

This is what Fascism looked like in 1930s-1940s Germany. Corporations like Bayer, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz et cetera worked hand-in-glove with government. Here in Canada, banks are working hand-in-glove with the Trudeau-Singh-Notley coalition as our rights are taken away without us having any say.


We all need to get rid of these eastern banks for good. These banks should be considered financial terrorists. If your not involved in illegal money in the bank they should have no right to debank you . My 8 year old daughter wanted to donate to the convoy is she a terrorist I don’t think so. The convoy was probably one of the more important Canadian movements in history. And it came from people sick and tired of a rich kid running our country into the ground. Corporations and governments don’t go hand in hand it’s a recipe for disaster. Don’t tell the WEF that, the WEF supporting businesses and corporations are easily the biggest environment problem humanity has. They need to be stoped before the everyday citizen does. And to the people that still think this stuff is conspiracy theory your gonna wake up with nothing sooner or later.

Canadian in Western Canada

Freeland and Trudeau made it clear, they would keep some of the powers. Here it appears we can see some of those powers from the renamed War Measures Act even though the Act was not passed.

We are still subject to having our accounts frozen, still subject to having our purchases scrutinized by banks and governments, Canada still has political prisoners, still monitors and tracks cellphones. We are still living with martial laws.

This is 21st century Canada. To federalists I ask, why stay? Maybe we can't do better but shouldn't we try?



Boris Hall

Regardless of what you think about Mackenzie

This is Trudeau’s Orwellian nightmare Chinada in 2023 and sooner than later it’s coming for anyone with an independent thought of any kind that goes against the regime narrative


I've recently debunked the Royal Bank and moved to a Credit Union. After the bank freezing episode and the LGBT promos of the major banks I don't have any trust in the banks. Reading this story just confirms my suspicions and satisfies me that I made the right choice.

Mars Hill

You did the best thing.


Wow...just wow. First off what happened to innocence untill proven guilty? Why would the bank care unless he is proven guilty of crimes, I'm not sure how or why they would do this. Government???

Canadian in Western Canada

Yes, government.

Canada's banks have some unique history compared to others, certainly compared to the USA. When the USA won independence they kicked out the British banks and with them a whole class of elites.

Canada did not revolt. Instead Canada asked permission which was granted because the elites, including the banking elites, remained in place. That created a hand in glove relationship between banks and the Canadian government that not only enabled Confederation but also the purchase of Rupert's Land without asking the people living there.

Canadian governments became extensions of that left over financial community who were allowed to write the laws they would live with. That created a relationship unlike most others and has both being far more loyal to the other than free citizens would want.

We saw that loyalty in action when Canada told the banks to freeze the accounts of political dissidents and the banks complied instantly with a fervor that shocked the world.

Canada's banking system is yet another reason Western Canadians should want to be rid of Canada. For Nations to prosper they need their own banks who invest back into local communities and businesses rather than act as tools of wealth extraction and political oppression. Which just happens to describe Canadian banks all to well IMO.


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