Justin Trudeau and Erin O’Toole

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No one got to 170!

That’s how many seats were needed to form a majority government as millions of Canadians went to the polls Monday.

They were casting ballots in 338 ridings with most pundits predicting another minority government – and they were right.

As polls closed in the Maritimes, it was the Tories that seemed to have momentum.

The Liberals were leading or elected in 26 ridings, the Tories in eight — an increase of four from 2019.

Move across the country, the Liberals lead in both Quebec and Ontario.

Tories, predictably, picked up support in the prairies.

In Manitoba, the Conservatives took seven seats, the Liberals four and the NDP three.

In Saskatchewan, it was a 14-0 shutout for the Tories, again.

In Alberta, it was 30 for the Conservatives, two for the Liberals and two for the NDP.

In BC, the NDP and Tories were tied with 14 seats and the Liberals with 13.

In the end, it was Prime Minister Justin Trudeau winning his third term, and second straight minority.

At press time, the Liberals were leading or elected in 157 ridings, the Conservatives in 122, the Bloc at 31, the NDP at 26 and the Greens with two. Millions of mail-in ballots have still to be counted.

“I am ready to carry on with the work,” said Trudeau in his victory speech.

“This has confirmed our democracy and our institutions remain strong.”

“Canadians did not give Justin Trudeau the majority he wanted,” said Conservative leader Erin O’Toole, adding the country is facing its most serious financial conditions since the Great Depression.

“When we are divided Canadians are left behind. We need to heal the divides in Canada.”

He predicted Trudeau will call another vote in 18 months.

O’Toole vowed to continue as leader of the Conservative party in the next election.

“I joined the military at 18 to serve Canada and its people. And some of the people I served with are in this room tonight. I will never stop serving this great country,” he said.

“The Prime Minister took the unity of this country and the well-being of its people first, and I told him if he thinks he can threaten Canadians with another election in 18 months, the Conservative Party will be ready.”

People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier lost his seat in Montreal and Green leader Annamarie Paul also lost her seat in Toronto.

In popular vote, the Tories again won – 34.1% to 32.1%

Heading into this election, the Liberals held 155 seats, the Conservatives held 119 seats, the Bloc Quebecois held 32 seats, the NDP held 24 seats, the Green Party held two seats, there were five Independent MPs, and one vacancy.

More to come…

Dave Naylor is the News Editor of the Western Standard

News Editor & Calgary Bureau Chief

Dave Naylor is News Editor & Calgary Bureau Chief of the Western Standard based in the Calgary Headquarters. He served as City Editor of the Calgary Sun & covered Alberta news for nearly 40 years.

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