Pride jersey

Pride jerseys

Last week, James Reimer, a goalie for the NHL’s San Jose Sharks, citing his religious beliefs, opted out of wearing a Pride-themed warm-up jersey, the second player this year who declined wearing such a jersey in warm-up.

In January, the Philadelphia Flyers' Ivan Provorov, refused to wear the jersey based on his Christian beliefs.


Myke Thomas is a Columnist for the Western Standard and Alberta Report based in Calgary, Alberta. He has worked in television and as a columnist, reporter and editor at the Calgary Sun for 22 years.

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Alberta Farmer

There is no way we should be celebrating a sin! Only 1% or less if the population, it would be less if there wasn’t so much propaganda and brainwashing for this disgusting way of life! It’s one way the left, Marxist and globalists are trying to destroy the nuclear family and society!


Yes,, the rainbow symbolizes God's promise that he will not destroy mankind by flood, but he also promises in 2 Peter chapter 2, who will be destroyed and in chapter 3 how he will destroy it -- by fire. God keeps his promises.


The NHL is incrementally cutting their own throat; it's like watching a slow train wreck. Very sad. Also, incredibly disrespectful on how the NHL pushed the vaxx onto the players.

Good article.




Nah, @woodrow doesn't care much, he's not homophobic at all; he's just very busy deep-throating agendas and all that...



What they do in the shower after the game is nobody's business. Just get on with playing the game.

Not Sure

Noooo! Not wearing sodomy colors is literally genocide!!! REEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

West is Best

During the ‘20 playoffs, when the BLM movement was at the forefront, the Wild’s Matt Dumba took a knee to protest oppression in our society; it’s a society that is so oppressive that a person of colour like Dumba can go on the become a multi-millionaire.

It was at that moment that my interest in the NHL began to wane. Too much political correctness for me.


A full grown man dawning a rainbow anything is gay. Full stop.




Successfully hijacked society. Need nuclear families to take it back. Done with hockey for a long time.

Chop wood more enjoyable.


I’m suspecting that, after reading these letters, there will be no support for the players to dress in Drag to entertain our younger fans during warm up!


If this is an issue of inclusion then the fact that certain players do not want to wear the Jersey should also be accepted. Unless of course this is about prioritizing the inclusion of the LGBTQ+2 community, but If that is the case then do not call it accepting and inclusion, then you are prioritizing one sector over another. James Reimer said it well, He is a Christian by faith not by religion, he lives his life and loves all people, but does not want to celebrate or lift one sector above the other.

Jerry Terpstra

A small group of mentally ill people adopt the religious symbol of a rainbow and the churches don't say a word.

Why is the world bending to them? Its not right.

Tommy Digger

I can't believe fully grown men skate around with the repulsive pride symbols that promote men that are attracted to children.

Only 2 actual Men took a stand; the rest of the NHL players and support staff were all sheep and caved without protest; wow.

That's why I don't waste any of my time supporting these spineless athletes.





I am glad of my decision to not watch NHL Hockey or any sport that advocates for special interests. All the teams and the players with very few exceptions are in it for the money. I stopped watching after the second players strike, will never watch or support any team until doomsday. With one exception the first outdoor event with Edmonton and Montreal played in -20 weather at Commonwealth stadium . 60 Minutes of pure unadulterated hockey a pleasure to watch because there was not one fight! It was too darn cold for anyone to stand around watch idiots hit each other. I wish all teams had the opportunity to play THAT game at least twice a season it may make a difference to the game, to the players and to the fans.

Straight Shooter

Giving special treatment to any group is discrimination against all the others.

This whole LGRTQXZY BS is to destroy society, brought to us by the pedo/bankster/parasite/politician scumbags.


Why? Why is it important? I thought hockey was about a professional sport that brought people together. Maybe they should wear a different special interest group jersey every game? This is ridiculous.


Why does such a small minority of the population get so much attention?

Woodrow George



Msm/legacy media?


Good question! Why do they get a month of celebration and Canadian Veterans get one day! There would be no "pride" had our veterans not fought for their freedom!


Government and Corporations encourage it. It is about control by dividing and conquering. Why do some employers insist on employees declare their pronouns. Must be some kind of money given to these corporations from the government. There used to be a thing called FOIP which didn't want personal information given out. Now that seems to be wiped out because everyone must know your sexuality preference. Who cares!!! Just get to work. Wow people, get a grip on your minds.

private property

So they are having a night that player's wear crosses of their jersey's right- to be inclusive?

The problem with the pride Jersey's is they are a political statement at a sports event.


The priority is the game isn't it? Why is it so important to "celebrate " a minority? They have the same rights as everyone else to watch a game or participate in one if the make the team on merit not special treatment. Don't they?

Woodrow George



There is no such thing as "The Gay Community". We can be sure of that because if there was one, they'd have named leaders, and they'd have a clearly stated purpose (beyond mere existence) and a controlled membership, for their own benefit and that of society at large. Those who use the term are just assuming automatic membership in this fake leaderless community based on use of genitals. It's absurd, yet highly manipulative. And as a side note, mandatory "support" isn't exactly as claimed, it's more like "mandatory consent". Let's put some of these buzzwords under scrutiny and hopefully see through the fog of lies that surrounds us.




The only time sports teams' members should campaign for propaganda is when it benefits all humanity. I was beginning to wonder if their next farce was going to be a moment of silence for pedophiles. Bend the knee, wear the rainbow if you want but I don't have to watch or support those playing follow-the-leader; that's not what sports are about, I'd have thought. I will not buy, or wear, any product they are selling. Nor will I donate to any of their causes but only because I have stopped watching, stopped listening and I have stopped caring what they are saying and doing .

Woodrow George

The woke progressive Left tried to force their agenda on the NHL. They succeeded with the owners and most players. Pathetic. BUT, they got pushed back by a FEW players who had the 'strength of character' to stand up to them and say P!$$ 0FF!

A big THANK-YOU to those players who showed 'strength of character'.

Gay? Fine! I'm not homophobic. But stop shoving the LBGT-whatever agenda down my throat.




Rainbow colors should be banned from LGBTQ cults.


Actually the use of the rainbow as a gay symbol is highly offensive. The first rainbow in recorded history was seen by Noah after the flood that destroyed the earth. The rainbow was a symbol of God's promise to never again wreak that level of vengeance on mankind for its wrongdoing. I don't believe it was chosen by accident, but as a challenge.


I agree with you. Most "rainbow people" with their perverted rainbow, hate what it actually stands for. It's a middle finger to the church whether it was deserved or not.

Rusty Pipes

About time that professional sports started to get back to sports. As well, all of the war mongering military odes should also be discontinued as that is only the ideological promotion of war and political or military propaganda should have no place in professional sports. Keep sports as sports and get rid of all the virtue signaling garbage and ideologies.


Why is it there is a PRIDE month when we only have an hour a year to remember those who sacrificed their lives so all can have freedom? Enough is enough, get on with it!


I think the NHL should focus on Hockey. Sports brings people together by it's very nature. The NHL becoming activists is really not what people sign up for when they watch hockey...they just want hockey. This isn't against anyone or any minority group. I hope they realize soon that the "inclusive" movement is actually divisive and narcissistic in the end...and all about pledging allegiance to the "current thing".



Woodrow George



Unfortunately, similar to most professional sports teams, the NHL is a very large business. It is driven by business objectives. Players salaries may be an indicator of this.


"As an organization, we will not waver in our support of the LGBTQIA+ community and continue to encourage others to engage in active allyship." WHY? Why are they enforcing "support" on people who don't believe in their lifestyle choices? I'm so done with the NHL 🤮

Rusty Pipes

Agreed. Sports has gone left wing virtue signaling ideologically political. Disgusting.

Free Canada

The Gay community is just being used for a woke political Agenda. Groups like the NHL need to respect the Gay community and stop using them like this. Respecting all minorities is something Canadians want to see. But why is only the Gay minority brought front and centre all the time. There is an agenda here. Trudeau pretends he is for gay rights so people will ignore the fact he is corrupt and useless.

Woodrow George


Left Coast

The further the NHL ventures into the "Political" Realm . . . the less I care about NHL Hockey. Used to spend 1000s on Season tickets & Shaw Hockey . . . scrapped that when they went all "Woke" . . . What's next NHL . . . Pedo Night?

I don't care what others do in the Privacy of their Homes . . . but why do they have to come out and tell the World about their rude behaviour? Then throw a "Parade"?

Now they are Grooming our Children in Schools & at the Library with material that you would get arrested for if you showed up at a Kids Playground and handed out.



Woodrow George


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