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Gurinder Brar 

Alberta NDP candidate Gurinder Brar (Calgary-North East) shared posts on Facebook supporting communist leaders. 

"It’s unsurprising to see that so many NDP candidates openly support communist dictators and call for violent revolution,” said Alberta United Conservative Party candidate Jason Nixon (Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre) in a Saturday statement. 

Gurinder Brar 2

Those who say armed war is not the solution, read carefully. 

Gurinder Brar 4

Santa Marx 

Gurinder Brar 3

Mao Zedong asked people who their enemies were. 

Vote Communist

Aaron Swartz would have been 36 today. 

Reporter (Alberta)

Jonathan Bradley is a Reporter for the Western Standard & Alberta Report. Bradley has contributed stories to the National Post, True North, and Canadaland. He obtained a master's degree in media production at Toronto Metropolitan University.

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Old Strathcona had a communist newspaper that operated in the early sixties, in Edmonton.

Left Coast

Commies are EVERYWHERE today . . . .

A former senior aide to radical Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) is now leading the New York State branch of the Communist Party USA.

33-year-old Justine Medina worked for AOC’s campaign for much of 2020.

According to Federal Election Commission filings, AOC’s campaign paid Medina an annual salary of around $35,000.

After Medina left her job with AOC, she was named “Co-chair of the New York Communist League” by a publication of the Communist Party called People’s World.

The publication now lists Medina as serving on the Executive Committee of the New York State Communist Party.


The communist revolution has been going on for over two generations. The mask has completely slipped now in America with the stolen election and fake Jobama administration in America. It is also much less in the shadows in Canada now. The plandemic was very instrumental in bringing about the "fundamental transformation" we are witnesses of.

Yuri Bezmenov tried to warn us. Canada was just too communist for him already. He had to flee to the United States, where he wrote Love Letters to America.

When a nation throws away its culture and identity, as Canada has, it is a country no more.

Jordan Luenz

I see this candidate has an Indian name. Albertans should know that there is a designated terrorist group that has been behind many armed attacks in India since the 1960s called the Maoist Party of India, known commonly as the Naxalites. I wonder what the Indian High Commission knows about this character.


No small coincidence that both Calgary and Edmonton rolled over to leftists almost overnight, and both of them Indian. I have an Indian friend that is filling me in about politics in India. They have their problems with leftists just like we do.


I'd like to point out that our current premier thinks everyone should ignore horrible comments made in the very recent past. How are you all ok to blindly vote for her as premier but not a couple backbenchers? I'd also like to point out that sharing posts on social media is not the same as speaking to a point in detail on air and in published articles and essays. But hey, Smith could probably spot in the face of most of the UCP k lan and they'd still vote for her.


Excellent point, well said!


Well it’s about time a news agency reports on this. If these people want communism then they need to leave Canada. They go live in North Korea, Cuba, Russia or their favorite place China. How can people be so stupid as to vote in communism? Believe me once it’s here it takes war to reverse it. Look at the Ukrainian. Dictators don’t give up power with out a fight. Communism is a form of dictatorship.

Left Coast

Disillusioned . . . . Russia in many aspects is likely Freer than Canada today . . . check out Rebel News articles last year when they visited Moscow.

CCP is well established in Canada as is the WEF . . . and our Crime Minister is fond of them both.

Left Coast

Since the 1917 Wall Street Banker Financed Russian Revolution Communism has been a dismal Failure everywhere it has been tried. Latest being the Socialist Regime in Venezuela that has run the country into the ground in less than 20 years.

"The goal of socialism is communism." - Vladimir Lenin

Read the NDP Constitution, it reads like Karl Marx.

Our Federal coalition Govt is led by CCP luvers Justin & Jagmeet . . . wake the h*ll up folks time is running out for Freedom!


Wonder if we’ll see or hear anything about this on the Commy fake MSM?

Kim Stordy

These Minions need to be kicked out of power. Canada is a Democracy.


They should be kicked out of Canada.

FYI, Canada seized to be a democracy in 2015. Actually for all sjits and giggles it has been a dictatorship since the thirties.


Communist revolution. Canada,s political system has been calling for a communist revolution for years now. We have been slowly going down this road for a decade now. When you have a Prime Minister who confesses he has great respect for the CCP that tells you where this country is going.


Hmm… How come the press doesn’t refer to these quotes from NDP candidates as “bozo erruptions”?


Is this not the press? Is somebody stopping them from saying it or you from reading it? The fact that you have the freedom to scream about your supposed oppression belies the very argument that you are oppressed as does the fact that you will likely vote for someone who feels antivaxers who were not forced to do anything are more oppressed than indigenous kids stolen from their families to be "educated" by pedophiles.


If you listen to people who came from commie countries they will tell you that the warning signs were there but you still had your rights and then once the commies have their “ducks in a row” it’s like a switch is turned off and your rights are gone overnight. That simple. Just like that. It’s called looking at the big picture. Our rights as well as FN are being eroded little by little by little.


When you have to have an injection in order to keep your job that’s called being forced. Grow up. The people who “stole” the indigenous kids was the filthy government that your type loves so much. Grow up. There were plenty of white kids abused sexually and used as slaves during the Industrial Revolution in England. Do yo ever talk about them. Grow up. Then after they ran away and started medicating themselves with alcohol and became adult criminals, the jails were full. The government that your type loves so much let them out of jail and sent them to Canada where they spread their disfunctionality and sold alcohol to First Nations and gave Canada a real good base of angry criminal welfare losers who are perfect subjects to become commies. So the problem is the government that your type loves so much. So, grow up.


Attention seeking people, spewing ignorance. In theory, communism sounds great. In practice, an utter failure. It's one thing to hold a role in a ruling party, living the good life, and the other, the common man, who is a slave and serf to the ruling class. I'd like all these scatter brained politicians to live the life of a commoner, and then their eyes will open to reality. Let's not forget what happened under the Soviet system. A professional like a medical doctor got paid the same wage as a cleaner, or garbage worker. There was no incentive for people to better themselves, only a dream to escape the system. That's why many fled to Canada. Today, these same people see the same system taking over this beautiful country. The Liberals, with their NDP partner, have perverted and polluted this wonderful country with their self-serving idealogy.


The Indonesians took care of the commies in 65. McCarthy never should have stopped. This is only going to get worse. The ranks of the emboldened and gleefully ill informed are rising.


Indonesia is pretty much under Islamic rule today which is just as bad or worse than communism.


You’re right. It was the way that they got rid of them that I was getting at.


I haven't seen this in main stream media. But then again they aren’t interested.

Rusty Pipes

These are just the tip of the preverbal NDP/Communist iceberg. The majority of these NDP candidates more than likely all hold a communist/ideology mentality.


Just a sec ... do I understand this correctly ... a current NDP candidate running in Alberta May 29 2023 provincial election it advocating for a violent communist revolution? Did I read that right?

So where is the RCMP on this issue ... how is it this guy is not arrest on charges of sedition... treason ... how is this possible?


He no more advocated for violent communist revolution than dear leader of Alberta has condoned armed uprising against protective health measures and who has called colonialism mutually beneficial. I suggest that if you feel the RCMP should be involved, contact them rcmp-grc.gc.c@ rather than impotently ranting here.


And these are just the admitted communists in the NDP Party, don’t kid yourself, there are many many more, and the head of the communist snake in Alberta is Notley herself. Also remember, a Provincial membership in the NDP also enrolls you in the Federal NDP, it’s in their party constitution. So how many Communists do tge NDP have as MPs? And is this why they prop up Justin Castro?’


I honestly can't believe Alberta didn't turn communist when Notley was in power last time. That was pretty weird, just biding her time, I guess it will be full on 1984 if she wins this time. Locking us all up in her 15 min cities. I'm terrified. I'm stocking up on peanut butter and not that all natural commie stuff either. Full hydrogenated is what's going to get me and mine through the Notlapocalypse! Hoo-Rah!


There's one behind you now! Run! [scared]


Just when the commies think that they have won, that's when they will be WIPED OUT! The world was not created for them.


All you need to know about socialism/communism in the America's explained by this young woman running for president in Guatemala.

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