Rod Loyola

Rod Loyola 

Alberta NDP candidate Rod Loyola (Edmonton-Ellerslie) walked with the Communist Party of Canada Edmonton Club during a parade. 

"I've spoken to thousands of residents here in Edmonton-Ellerslie since I became the candidate, and it’s disturbing but not surprising to see the Alberta NDP participating in a pro-communism march,” said Alberta United Conservative Party candidate Ranjit Bath (Edmonton-Ellerslie) in a Tuesday statement.  

Rod Loyola

He said in a since-deleted tweet having an Edmonton Police Service badge “gives you the right to beat up citizens and not have to face criminal charges.” 

Reporter (Alberta)

Jonathan Bradley is a Reporter for the Western Standard & Alberta Report. Bradley has contributed stories to the National Post, True North, and Canadaland. He obtained a master's degree in media production at Toronto Metropolitan University.

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(17) comments

Free Canada

But sadly, no one in Edmonton will hear about these facts. These facts will not come out in the msm anywhere. If msm was not bias, and reported honestly, NDP would be lucky if the got 3 seats.


N-a-z-i murders - 12 to 15 million. Commie murders - 100 million. Mao 40 million Chinese. Stalin 20 million. Pol Pot 2 million. Etc etc. Why is there a commie party in Canada and two commie parties in the US when we have gone overseas to fight these b-a-s-t-a-r-d-s. N-a-z-i-i-z-m is left wing not right. Both ideologies align with each other. Ban free speech. Propagandize. Confiscate firearms, attack religion and align government with corporations to freeze bank accounts and silence opposition like what happened on twitter to silence the Hunter Biden laptop story. Why would “right wingers” who “cling to their guns and bibles” be n-a-z-i-s if they’re going to have their guns and religions confiscated. So yeah, leftist losers, na-ziizm is left wing. The left riots, murders and steals. Period.


Jonathan Bradley’s article about NDP candidate walking with communist rally is not surprising when you first, read their Leap Manifesto, socialism is nothing more than ultimate government control. The name NDP to me is just a guise to their ultimate goal . Holden

Left Coast

"The goal of socialism is communism." - Vladimir Lenin


I don’t understand why people are just coming to the conclusion that the NDP is a communist party.


Fidel killed way more people than hitler,this communist party or I should say ndp are one and the same!


Replace the word ‘democratic’ with ‘communist’ and the NDP would have an accurate moniker


The national director of the NDP used to be the leader of the Communist Party of Canada, Anne McGrath. As far as I’m concerned all the NDP parties are communist

free the west

The NDP are commies. I rest my case.


Let them move to Cuba, Venezuela, or China.


NDP = Communist Liberals = dumb dumbs

Tommy Digger

The NDP, the Socialist Party and the Communust Party all hang out together at the Red Star pub in Edmonton.

Left Coast

Loyola is obviously a very stupid man.

Che & Fidel killed more people per capita in Cuba than did Stalin in Russia!

After he left Cuba . . . Che went to Bolivia to get involved in another "Revolution" . . . when he surrendered to the Bolivian Army, without firing a shot, he told the General he would be a great asset. The General put him in a lockup and next morning he was shot by a firing squad.

The NDP Constitution reads just like Karl Marx . . . Communism & Socialism have FAILED every time it has been tried on this Planet . . . these fools in Edmonton just think they can try one more time & get it right . . . lol

Had they been parading back in the 50s . . . ole Pierre Trudough would have been marching with them!




Not surprising really, I mean that's what ndp is, a communist party.


Exactly. I think they should leave him in the Party, maybe more people will see what the ndp really stands for.


I, for one, am not surprised, the NDP party, federally and provincially are chalk full of radical leftists and communists, I have said this for a long time, been criticized, been called a”conspiracy theorist” and all

Other sorts of names that can’t be used here.

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