TD Bank admission

TD Bank said its diversity trainers were recommending workers avoid voting for the Conservatives for opposing indigenous rights, retracting from its previous comments, according to a letter obtained by the Western Standard.  

“We have reviewed your concern and identified that TD did respond to the (Western Standard) article on 08/15/2022 and the situation was fully investigated,” said TD in a letter to a Calgary customer who filed a complaint.

TD caught on tape

Reporter (Alberta)

Jonathan Bradley is a Reporter for the Western Standard & Alberta Report. Bradley has contributed stories to the National Post, True North, and Canadaland. He obtained a master's degree in media production at Toronto Metropolitan University.

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Not Sure

Proud to say I'm pulling my business out of this degenerate bank and moving to a credit union. TD is a disgusting organization that cares more about pandering to the pee-pee bum-bum crowd than people who just want a bank to handle their money and keep their mouths shut.

Burnt Wood

I used to bank at the TD, but no more.

I bank at Scotia, and because I donated some money to the Freedom Convoy I took out a bunch of personal cash in case the Scotia Bank froze my account. However the bank did volunteer that they did not freeze anyones bank account. Nice, but how does one verify that?


Will they still take care of my money? I vote conservative, my daughter works there, but this may change my mind and go back to the bank I started out with working 62 years ago.


It's time to push back against companies that are trying to push social ideology on people rather than staying with their core business.

We need a bill passed in parliament to ensure businesses stay within their core business to protect their shareholders from a social pushback and loss of business if they stray too far into telling people how to think and live.

TELUS is one company that seems to be straying into territory where its "woke" managers are telling clients how they should be thinking about social issues. There are many others that seem to have these "woke" people controlling the company that feel they have to impose their view on their clients.

Hutsul Honey

Vote Against Woke -


Why does TD have a gas bill at the end of the month? Was their gas delivered by passenger pigeon? The claim that Conservatives don't support Indigenous because they support pipelines is more than a little rich, coming from a bank that also finances and insures pipelines, including those supplying their employees houses with water and natural gas. Also, it's even more hypocritical in that Indigenous Nations are often significant partners and shareholders not only in the pipelines themselves, but are also partners in the exploration and production of oil. Shutting down pipelines and oil production would impoverish many nations who would otherwise be struggling. It never ceases to amaze me to hear an organization oppose the existence of channels that supply them with water to drink, heat for their offices, and (fossil fuel- generated) electricity that keeps the lights and servers on. They would have to disconnect their own supply lines to even start making sense.


If TD wants to promote this outright bias against its customers there are two options.

1. don't use any TD services

2. Ask the next conservative government to consider TD a oligopoly with an unfair advantage over other institutions. As the government to break up TD's hold on a number of its subsidiary businesses and force the sale of its conglomerate.

3. prevent the big 6 particularly TD from having any Stock market trading subsidiaries.

Their apology isn't enough. Getting caught and apologizing only shows that they are embarrassed at getting caught, not truly changing their ways.

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