Vianne Timmons

The former University of Regina President Vianne Timmons apologized for claiming indigenous ancestry.

University of Regina Campus

Currently, Timmons is the president of Memorial University (MU) of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Reporter (Saskatchewan)

Christopher Oldcorn is a Saskatchewan Reporter for the Western Standard & Saskatchewan Standard. He studied at the Centre for Investigative Journalism at Goldsmith’s, University of London and served as editor-in-chief of the SaultOnline.

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Thank goodness she's punished herself with a 6 week PAID leave! That oughta teach her! [rolleyes]


Before the great European migration to Canada, which occurred in the 1830s and 1840s, many people descended in whole or part from the pre-Europeans adopted Canadian culture and intermarried with 'whites'. So if today's 'white' person has any ancestor who arrived here more than two hundred years ago the 'white' is probably part Indian.

The woman being pilloried appears to have been from the Atlantic provinces which had been settled long enough a couple of centuries ago for intermarriage to occur. So she is probably not guilty.

But Canada's true history is hidden by the 'affirmation action' lobby because they want separate rights, not inclusion.

Separate rights segregate the people eligible for them.


So she could change her gender, become multiple genders at once, or even identify as a cat, and that's 100% ok but here is where we draw the line?! It's less of a stretch to let her claim Indigenous heritage than to believe men can have periods and birth children. If your living in a make believe world where anything goes then who makes the rules? Are there any rules?

Beep Beep I'm a Jeep now. Where do I pee? Looks like I'm going to need my own bathroom too.

This nonsense will keep going on until people push back to stop it.

The next couple decades are going to be fun to watch as the WOKE self destruct.


We should all identify as "indigenous" and get on the "gravy train" and get some of the billions of dollars Trudeau is throwing around.

private property

I don't get it- why can't she identify as a native. If you can dress as woman and call yourself a woman then you should be a native if you want to be a native. Trudeau would be fine with that right?


"Former University of Regina president fakes indigenous ancestry", that the best she can do? No royal ancestry, maybe my great great grandfather was a billionaire kind of thing?




White women edging indigenous people out of cushy, high-paid administrative jobs? Girl Powah - you go girls!

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