Geneticist warns National Citizens Inquiry of DNA contamination in COVID mRNA vaccines

The National Citizens Inquiry held hearings in Regina May 30
The National Citizens Inquiry held hearings in Regina May 30Lee Harding

An eminent geneticist called for an end to COVID-19 vaccination as the National Citizens Inquiry held hearings in Regina this week.

Kevin McKernan, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Medicinal Genomics, managed the research and development for the Human Genome Project. His published work has been cited 57,000 times.

The geneticist said the companies should be called to account for not properly disclosing DNA contamination. Last year, he and co-authors published a preprint paper entitled, Sequencing of bivalent Moderna and Pfizer mRNA vaccines reveals nanogram to microgram quantities of expression vector dsDNA per dose.

“We have hard evidence in every vial that there’s forensic level grade DNA contamination…And it’s a clear violation,” he said.

“This intention to deceive is quite evident. And all the regulatory agencies, they all came out saying, ‘Yeah, we weren't exactly told about that.’ And there's other things they should have been told,” McKernan told the NCI.

An Access to Information Requests of Health Canada made by Rebel News a month ago suggested that the agency's assurances to the public regarding results and due diligence on DNA contamination were at odds with what the public was told.

“This looks as if the regulators are in collusion with the pharmaceutical companies they're supposed to regulate. And this is a great place to remind people that 80% of Health Canada's revenue actually comes from the pharmaceutical companies they regulate,” McKernan testified.

“So this is racketeering, and they should be brought to trial for it because it's clear they're telling the public a very different story than what they are telling agencies.”

McKernan said there are limits to how much excess genetic material is allowed, but nuances in the way these measurements were submitted to regulators were inconsistent.

“Depending on the tool they use, they can cheat the public,” McKernan said.

“They can pull a fast one by changing the tools they’re measuring things.”

Rushed vaccine development left no time for the degree of genotoxicity studies that should have been required, McKernan said.

“There never was an intention for them to actually look at the risk, I think, from the get go. They knew they had to hide the risk,” McKernan said of manufacturers.

PCR tests for COVID-19 measured genetic material that doubled every cycle. McKernan said even at 20 cycles, “They were calling you positive for COVID for a million fold less than the nucleic acid on the outside of your nose than what they're willing to inject into us as a contaminant.”

McKernan’s studies suggested that the spike protein in COVID-19 vaccines attached to a cancer-related part of chromosome 12. Only further study could confirm whether this was “chromosomal or extra-chromosomal”. He said the latter was still concerning enough.

“The performance of these [vaccines] are horrible. The vaccine injuries are off the charts. But what the DNA demonstrates is that there is nothing that the regulators won’t [allow].”

McKernan said a disproportionate number of vaccine injuries were connected to bad lots, which he estimated to be one-in-25. He said anyone concerned about lingering effects from the vaccine should consider detox protocols from the FLCCC Alliance.

“There’s at least some reassurance that many people received lots that are harmless, and they shouldn’t fret over this,” he said. “If you didn’t have an adverse event, you’re probably out of the woods.”

What does concern McKernan is the future.

“The biotech field has the foot on the gas to make more of these for every other pathogen out there. There’s a motivation to keep using these,” he said.

“Pharmaceutical companies will repeat this. If they can manufacture emergencies to get drugs out that make hundreds of millions of dollars, they will."

The scientist was also wary of the World Health Organization pandemic accord under negotiation.

“Who has the power to declare an emergency? Because that’s the power to basically steamroll over regulations.

“If we’re going to consolidate it with the WHO, that’s insane. They’ll be declaring emergencies every year so that all of their partners can insanely print money.”

Health Canada says that risks from COVID-19 vaccines and boosters are rare and outweighed by the benefits. Of 105 million doses administered, total adverse events reported by January 5, 2024 numbered 58,712, with 47,010 “non-serious” and 488 deaths.

The Vaccine Injury Support Program has approved more than $11 million in payouts to 138 people, but stats have not been updated since December 31.

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