Screenshot of Nick Alexander, Josh Alexander, and Monty Walker from their February 15 appearance on the Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson show on Rumble

Screenshot of Nick Alexander, Josh Alexander, and Monty Walker from their February 15 appearance on the Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson show on Rumble

Josh Alexander said if adults don’t stand up to save Canada, he and his brother and friend are ready.

Josh Alexander, a Grade 11 student suspended and arrested at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School in Renfrew, Ontario for opposition to transgender ideology, made his statement on the Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson Show on Rumble February 15. She entitled the program, “Canadian Student Kicked Out of School For Stating Biological Fact." 

Senior Contributor (Saskatchewan)

Lee Harding is the Senior Saskatchewan Contributor for the Western Standard and Saskatchewan Standard based in the Regina Bureau. He has served as the Saskatchewan Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

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(20) comments


This is due to chinese influence and its happening everywhere.

The CCP is doing everything they can to undermine western societies.

They rigged our elections and got key people they can control.

We all need to take a stand and say enough is enough.

Make God the center of your lives.

Bring God back into the mainstream and repent.


One of the best observations: schools and their administration have become the playgrounds for activists.


The woke crowd put their pronouns after their signatures. I put my chromozones. My chromozones are X,Y.

Boris Hall

The article and media forgot to mention how open and “inclusive” and “welcoming” Islam is to LGBTQ2£¥€^_]76788766*&# etc and 57 different genders

They are extremely inclusive!!!

And welcoming!!!


Even though I don't share their Christian beliefs, I support these young men entirely. We must stand for objective truth, and that is what they are doing. Keep up the good work!


And yet if he had stood in the middle of the school naked and shouted how racist and bias the school and society are he would have been applauded . This is how studio people have become. I applaud this young man for standing for his beliefs. I stand with him. Enough tomfoolery!


Keep up the good fight Guys; Amazing what you are doing considering your ages! The whole world is a Sick Place right now, and needs healing! Especially Canada after Trudeau! Right is wrong, and Wrong is right! Is that not just what the Bible says of End Times?


Stay strong, you are in my prayers.


A young prophet among us. Progressive activists can clearly see how dangerous he is to them. This is when the “it’s all about love” mask slips off and the true face of their totalitarian future appears.


It's a little incredible, the damage done in 8 years.


It's hard to understand. We do know the regime in Ottawa are using any and all avenues to sew division amongst the masses. It ensures continued control. What's hard to understand, is how rapidly all of our institutions (their boards and hierarchy) have jumped wholly on board with all these wokeisms. The addition of more than a million immigrants (these are the real numbers) annually into our overloaded social structure will assist in this mass confusion and it's collapse. We have to try to get back to a valid form of democracy at the top (in Ottawa), to try to get the country back on track. If we don't, Canada and the idea that was Canada will totally disintegrate.

Tommy Digger

Good lads; good fight!

Boris Hall

What wonderful young men in standing up against insane woketard fascism


Look for Trudeau and his minions of fascist woketards to try to “normalize” pedophilia next

we really live in Chinada

Even worse then school in China,I used to write sensitive words on school's wall,then school's teacher let me to have a talk with head teacher,then nothing happened,they just let me don't write again,of course,the words are not prohibited words,or I will be expelled from school.

we really live in Chinada

Is this school hosted by China Communist Party,they use China Communist Party's way to deal with its student?


I support these young men. They are standing up for the rights of Canadians that are being quashed by the government and the courts. The government and courts are wrong in talking about there being limits to our rights. The biggest problem is that the Constitution of Canada is broken and the a lot of people don't realize it. When rights can be limited because of the first clause of the constitution is wrong. Governments have no place to be limiting the rights of Canadians. It shows just how far Trudeau is willing to go to turn Canada into a totalitarian state.

Alberta Farmer

This country is so F’ed up, it’s beyond repair! I hate it and I would leave if I could! Pedo black face Trudeau has been successful in destroying this once great country! My Grandfather, a WW2 vet, is rolling in his grave right now saying “I risked my life for this!”


I stand with these young MEN who refuse to be indoctrinated into the 'cults' of other peoples life choices.


A big congratulations to these young lads. Stay the fight. Canada badly needs many more like them, for this Cr@p is happening all over. May payback be a bi@!h.


These are 3 young men wise beyond their years and standing behind their beliefs. Chinada needs more of them.

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