Jagmeet Singh

Twenty-five New Democrat MPs will pressure cabinet for legislation this year to regulate legal internet content, according to leader Jagmeet Singh. Regulations should include censoring “misinformation,” he said.

“The Liberal government has not done the job of making sure platforms are following the rules around making sure hate and misinformation are not being spread,” Singh told reporters. “That puts the responsibility back on the government to do what it should be doing. We are going to continue to pressure the government to do this.”

Bureau Chief (Parliament Hill)

Matthew Horwood is the Parliamentary Bureau Chief of the Western Standard based in the Parliamentary Bureau. He has a degree in journalism from Carleton University and has been a reporter for the Hill Times and the Ottawa Business Journal.

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in his homeland they routinely kill Christians for any made up reason

Jim Mason

Singh was the guy who asserted that Freedom Convoy participants were guilty of attempted murder by trying to burn down an apartment building in Ottawa with people locked inside ... which was completely false. So he's a fine one to be lecturing others about spreading misinformation!


Singh must be terrified of the public opinion of him that he wants more censorship of the internet.

How did we end up with so many stupid people in government?


Singh is an opportunist and will mimic the sentiment of the Liberal government. All to guise their incompetence and irrelevance.


The new Conservative government should vote in such a law and fine every Lieberal, NDP and Green politician $70,000 for every instance if fear propaganda they uttered in public. Then do the same for every bought-off MSM journalist.


In a previous life, Josef Goebbles?

Woodrow George



Misinformation and hate is actually code for the truth.


Bingo! You got it in one!


The main purveyors of misinformation and hate is the Federal government itself.

Woodrow George

Censorship of sree speech is what Communists and Fascists did in the USSR and N@z! Germany. It's still happening today in the brutal communist dictatorship known as Cuba. And it's staring us right in the face in Canada right now!

This is where Canada is heading under the Trudeau-Singh-Notley Liberal-NDP coalition. This was always the end game for Bill C-11.

If Harper had filled those 30-odd empty Senate seats before he left office in 2015, would this have prevented passing C-!!?

Woodrow George

Sorry for the errors. Plus, I had to change the spelling of 'N@z!.' Apparently, it was profanity. Or was it calling Trudeau 'T__d!0t'?


Get a VPN and connect via the US- Censorship is coming so prepare to go around the system for a couple of dollars a month for a VPN.

I don't need internet protection... I need protection from the NDP/Liberals!


Exactly, well said eshea, we can protect ourselves on line, but we have no protection from the evils of the NDP/Liberals. The best way to protect us from “misinformation” is for the Liberal/NDP regime to stop spreading it, the greatest purveyors of misinformation and lies is them.


Remember Alberta, the Federal and Provincial NDP are joined together by a Party Constitution, so Rachel Notley is in total support of all the Actions taken by Jughead Singh, up to and including his propping up of the Justin Castro regime.

Free Canada

Anyone with an NDP MP must email them and tell them if they support censorship, they will be voted out of office. This might not help, but it’s a good start.

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