Liberal Senator David Richards

Senator David Richards

A Liberal-appointed Senator compared a cabinet bill to regulate YouTube to George Orwell's 1984, Nazi Germany and Communist Russia. “In Germany it was called the Ministry of National Enlightenment,” said Senator David Richards, a novelist and screenwriter.

“This law will be one of scapegoating all those who do not fit into what our bureaucrats think Canada should be,” said Richards. “Stalin again will be looking over our shoulder when we write.”

Bureau Chief (Parliament Hill)

Matthew Horwood is the Parliamentary Bureau Chief of the Western Standard based in the Parliamentary Bureau. He has a degree in journalism from Carleton University and has been a reporter for the Hill Times and the Ottawa Business Journal.

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This senator, on this particular piece of 'legislation' hits the nail on the head, which also speaks to the truth of where 'they' are headed with our once great country. Don't be afraid to speak out and speak the truth. Many don't understand what the truth is anymore. They don't have the time to sort thru all the Bu** S*it.


Canada is heading into full scale communism, I try to warn people, but they don't want to know.

Only Freedom Matters Now

Exactly right. And the very reason that this can happen is because there are so many useful idiots who support it. History shows us that they don't wake up until it's too late and ironically, these who are advocates and supporters today are the first to be shot when they do wake up.


You and me both Drax, people seem to be happier with their heads burred deep in the sand or they outright don't believe a Libera/NDC government would do such an evil thing

Only Freedom Matters Now

Not surprised or shocked in the least by what he has stated. However, I am surprised that this was said by a Liberal.

On another note: are we currently at war with Eurasia or Eastasia? I can't seem to keep up.


Won't one police officer step up and arrest this illegitimate son of Castro for treason, and other crimes?

Boris Hall

Trudeau is a psychotic and a psychopath

He is malevolent and a malignant cancer upon Canada

No rational person can have any respect for any Canadian institution at this point as they have enabled this child psychopath

This is uncharted territory for Canadians and Canada with this level of overwhelming corruption

Free Canada

Liberals have slowly been abandoning the Liberal party. But it has been very slow. Liberals have been so brain washed by the CBC and MSM that Trudeau and the Liberal party have saved Canada from the Harper government. LOL. Really, Harper seems like a saint compared to Trudeau right now. But, this brain washing is wearing off. They see JT is not a Liberal…. JT is a corrupt WEF puppet who must someday be help to account for his crimes.


The number of broadcast frequencies for radio and TV are limited. Since these frequencies belong to all Canadians the CRTC was formed to see TV and radio stations reflected the public interest.

But the number of potential internet channels is infinite. So what right does Justin have to censor the internet?


I’m sure some liberals realize they have no credibility anymore. Or is it a tactic, next thing you know they will come out and say we saved the freedom of the internet. And that Rodriguez guy was he even born in Canada, does he realize that the bad heritage of this country was created by the federal government I would assume a good portion of settlers and homesteaders had good relations with indigenous community’s they probably couldn’t have survived without them I’m sure


Thank you Senator, Richards, for saying this out loud . We have lost in Canada all sense of freedom of self expression and are going down a dark road .




I sure never needed a guy like Pablo Rodriguez to 'educate' me on what Canadian heritage means. Another woke joke that will fade into meaningless oblivion.


Maybe some liberals are regaining their own identity and common sense. Call a spade a shovel.


Im very glad to see that some Liberals still have common sense.


Unfortunately that number of common sense liberals very small.


Then comes the next election and the Liberal incumbents get re-elected out of habit. Too many Canadians do not understand how our electoral democratic system functions in deciding who will be our Prime Minister. Shameful really!

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