Kaycee Madu Terwillegar Drive

After being pulled over by Edmonton police for talking on his cellphone while driving through a playground zone, Justice Minister Kaycee Madu then dialled up Edmonton’s police chief, CBC is reporting Monday afternoon.

CBC says they have a copy of Madu’s March 10, 2021 ticket that shows he was fined $300.

He soon phoned Dale McFee, the city’s chief of police, and discussed the ticket with him. 

“Minister Madu did contact me via the telephone concerned about a ticket. But just to be very, very clear, he never asked to get out of the ticket,” McFee told CBC News in December, adding he didn’t know exactly what was on the ticket.

“Everybody has to wear their decisions.”

McFee did say during their discussion, Madu brought up the issue of racial profiling by police to stop drivers. Madu is black.

The chief also said the pair talked about the ongoing problem of political tensions within the Lethbridge Police Service.

According to court documents, Madu paid the fee by the end of that week, CBC reports.

The Western Standard has reached out to Madu for a statement but hasn’t heard back.

The NDP quickly called for Madu to resign.

“It is wholly unacceptable for the Attorney General to engage with senior law enforcement regarding a penalty levelled against him, said NDP MLA Irfan Sabir.

Mount Royal University political science professor Duane Bratt says Kaycee should resign.

“Even if Madu didn’t call the police chief, it is a major story for the Justice Minister to receive a distracted driving ticket in a school zone. Even if it was somebody else who got the ticket (family, friend, neighbour, acquaintance, stranger), Madu still can’t call the police chief about an active case,” tweeted Bratt.

“Either Madu didn’t know that it was inappropriate to call the police chief about a ticket (which is really bad), or knew and didn’t care (which is even worse). Regardless, Madu needs to step down.

“Jean Charest resigned in 1990 as Minister of Sport for calling a judge about a case. Calling a police chief about a case is very similar. Madu needs to resign, or Kenney has to fire him.”

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