Jeff and James Younger

A Texas father has lost custody of his seven-year-old son, which allows the mother to transition the child from male to female.

Jeff Younger lost a custody battle that went to the Texas Supreme Court. The child’s mother is Dr Anne Georgulas, who claimed the child James Younger identifies as a girl. Going by the name “Luna.”

Anne Georgulas

Reporter (Saskatchewan)

Christopher Oldcorn is a Saskatchewan Reporter for the Western Standard & Saskatchewan Standard. He studied at the Centre for Investigative Journalism at Goldsmith’s, University of London and served as editor-in-chief of the SaultOnline.

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Not Sure

As the humiliation ritual continues, the goyim continue to act bewildered by what the cause might be. More at 11.


The poor boy is only 7 yrs old. He doesn't know what he wants. This disgusting surgery should not be allowed on a small child. The age to transition should be 21 yrs. I think that nut of a mother wants a daughter.


I'm sorry, but if this is journalism, I would hate to see what the rest of the news organisation reports!

Talk about falsely representing what was actually written by the courts.

Here's a few bits of fairytale reporting included in this creative writing piece:

2019 - Mr Younger was awarded Joint Custody along with his ex-wife;

2021 - Mr Younger lost Joint Custody with Sole Custody being awarded to his ex-wife with a court addedum ruling stating that neither parent could start medically transitioning their child, either by puberty blocking, hormonal supression, hormonal supplimentation nor gender affirming surgery without either the other parents written permission or a court order;

2022 - Mr Younger applied to the Supreme Court of Texas to make his ex-wife return his children to Texas, before the new Californian Legislation was signed. The Supreme Justices declined this request as it was speculative and the ex-wife had given written evidence that she is not planning on medically transitioning the child. Furthermore, the new Californian law, in their view, did not refer to the Family Court ruling in Texas.

The Court gave leave to Mr Younger to again apply to the Texas Supreme Court regarding the same matter if his ex-wife did start medically transitioning their child.

It isn't difficult to report the truth. Instead you have fabricated a story from the fathers Tweets.

I also noticed that at no time do you report whether child psychologists have explained that a child can act in a persons presence how that child believes that person wants them to act (this applies to both the mother and the father), and that prior to halting puberty, or starting medical transitioning, a child and parent/s must undergo psychological counselling to make sure it is the childs' wishes and they understand the repercussions of their decision. This regularly results in a child not starting to medically transition, however, puberty blockers can be prescribed to win the child time to mature enough to make an informed decision regarding their future.

Further research would have also enlightened you that being transgender does not mean a person medically transitions or has gender affirming surgery. Only transgender people who feel they need their body to align to their gender identity, under go this process.

Gender is a social construct. That is, society determined what behaviors were acceptable for males and females. Different societies have different gender expectations, with some societies having no gender expectations at all. Perhaps if societies stop enforcing false beliefs such as men work, women are the ones who love and care for children, pink is a "girls" colour, certain jobs, sports and clothes are for men while others are for females, and allow everyone to simply be themselves by doing and wearing what they like, there would be no need to call anyone "transgender". Everyone could simply be themselves, with no need to announce a gender to anyone.


No 7 yr old is mature enough to understand what its all about.

Not Sure

You are a useful idiot that would be burned at the stake in any other timeline.


"my mommy say's I am a girl and makes me wear a dress" good enough start the butchery


I have said this a million times. Mothers are the biggest threat to children. Women in general are a threat to children and we need to keep mothers and women away from our kids.

Forward Thinking

Disgusting! The mother of this poor child, the judge, physicist, and doctor are savage barbarians. Animals!

Left Coast

ALL of this TG stuff goes much deeper . . . Bongino was talking on his Podcast yesterday. This is actually about changing society forever, destroying the Family Unit and creating a cult of sexual perversion.

It also fits in nicely with the "De-population" agenda . . . .


She always wanted a daughter.


This is so tragic! My heart aches for this father and the true travesty here is a little boy who is being changed into a girl when he has no idea what’s really happening. Why can’t they just let children be children. This mother needs to give her head a shake!


Disgusting. Such a travesty.


This kind of nonsense results from the unChristian idea children are born pure and it is only "society" that corrupts them. The kid may have chosen the girl's toy to annoy mommy.

Barron Not Barron

Madame Georgulas also.. wears a cross with Jesus on it!! I say nothing to do with anything Christian! Just an impostor.. doctor.


When my 4 yr old son asked for a tea set for Xmas, that's what he got. It did not mean he identified as a girl. He played with it for months having tea parties with his stuffed animals. He also loved a pink fur purse he found in the alley and carried his matchbox cars around in it. He is now a healthy, 42 yr old father and I doubt he ever wanted to be a girl. Maybe I was ahead of my time, but I thought we were past the point of having boy's toys and girl's toys. This story scares me about what kind of a society we have become.


LOL ...... this reminds of when I gave my daughter her first doll which she promptly plopped in her brother's Tonka toy truck and drove it around. She never used the doll carriage that came with the doll and she also hated to wear dresses. She grew up perfectly fine and is now raising 2 children of her own. And I agree with you; I also am afraid of our society and our federal government.


Makes me sick to my stomach. I feel badly for the father, the mother should be jailed!!!


Very tragic. Biology I guess doesn't hold truth anymore only how we "feel"! What is wrong with these woke Judges and Doctors?

Christopher Oldcorn Staff
Christopher Oldcorn

Great question!

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