Children getting vaccinated


Nearly a third of Albertans say they will not vaccinate their children against COVID-19, a new poll shows.

The Angus Reid poll comes as governments across the country are planning to rollout the vaccines for children aged five-11 as soon as they are approved by the feds, likely next month.

The Angus Reid poll shows 29% of Albertans say they will not vaccinate their kids. Opposition was even higher in Quebec, sitting at 30%.

In Saskatchewan/Manitoba, the opposition stood at 26% while in BC it dropped to 23%


Courtesy Angus Reid

Nationally, 51% of Canadians say they will get their kids vaccinated as soon as it’s available. Another 18% said they would vaccinate their children after a period of time.

A total of 23% said they would not have their kids jabbed, with 9% saying they weren’t sure.

“And as COVID-19 cases increase in schools, some jurisdictions have begun planning for approval, with British Columbia allowing parents to register kids for their first jab in the event such approval is granted,” pollsters said.

And pollsters found the idea of a third-booster shot is okay with the majority of Canadians.

“Three-in-five (62%) say they would take the shot right away if it were offered, while another one-in-five (20%) say they would get an additional dose eventually but would be in no rush,” said the poll.

And, gloomily, the poll found most of the respondents said life will never be the same in Canada.

“Currently, the largest group of Canadians (37%) say that Canada will never return to the way that it was before February 2020. Vaccinations, travel restrictions, working arrangements and other changes have evidently entrenched themselves into the Canadian psyche. Others are holding out hope that these new realities will still fade away, but few feel that it is imminent.”


Courtesy Angus Reid

Full details on the poll, including methodology, can be found here.

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