Glenn Youngkin


New Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin ain’t fooling around.

On his first day in office, the new Republican governor brought in a plethora of conservative orders and canceled many liberal ones after being sworn in on Saturday.

The 55-year-old for a former private equity CEO campaigned on a pledge to get rid of the teaching of critical race theory (CRT) from state classrooms. CRT is an academic practice that examines the ways in which racism operates in US laws and society.

After taking the oath of office, Youngkin moved on nine executive orders and two executive directives, with the first on the list described as a directive to “restore excellence in education by ending the use of divisive concepts, including Critical Race Theory, in public education,” as reported by the Guardian.

A total of 22 states have now taken steps to limit the teaching of CRT.

“There’s no place for critical race theory in our school system, and that’s why, on day one, I’m going to ban it,” Youngkin said in an interview with Fox News in the closing days of the campaign last fall.

Youngkin’s second order was the elimination of mask rules for students in the state’s schools and his last directive was to abolish the vaccine mandate for state employees.

Currently, COVID-19 cases in Virginia are up 288% in comparison to last winter.”

A total of 15,803 have died in the state from the virus since the pandemic began.

State Democrats, who hold a majority in Virginia’s Senate, have vowed to oppose

Youngkin’s orders, meaning they are unlikely to become law.

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