Naked Man Trans Protesters Feb 4 2023

In Saskatoon, parents were out again protesting against a ‘naked man’ in the little girls changing room.

Naked Man Protesters Feb 4 2023

This week, the protest was held outside the Shaw Centre, where an naked man has been spotted walking around in the little girls changing room.

David Kirton Pride

Reporter (Saskatchewan)

Christopher Oldcorn is a Saskatchewan Reporter for the Western Standard & Saskatchewan Standard. He studied at the Centre for Investigative Journalism at Goldsmith’s, University of London and served as editor-in-chief of the SaultOnline.

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for a start, these parents need to get organized to turf this Councillor next election. Choose an alternate candidate now, and get going.

Kim J

Parents really need to take note of how many young women are in the pro-trans protest. The fact that they cannot see the danger of a naked male exposing himself to young girls, shows how much they have been indoctrinated by this gender ideology.


Who are we protecting this goof or young girls in this dressing room

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