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Johanne Mennie, executive director for the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), announced her resignation today. Her letter written to PPC executives and candidates was supportive towards the party and its leader Maxime Bernier, but her departure has already inspired some in the West to move on. 

In a public post on Facebook, the Chief Financial Officer for Regina Wascana Billy Smith wrote, “Did a lot of thinking over the past 2 weeks. This afternoon I received an email from the PPC CEO that she is stepping down. I personally don’t see a path to any seats anytime soon for the PPC…It was fun but you just got to know when the party is over and go home!”

Christopher Istace, who helped co-ordinate media for the party in Saskatchewan was of a similar mind.

” I knew in the beginning this was going to be an uphill, 12-year project, but the lack of support in the election and the movement towards separation has taken the wind out of the PPC’s sails. Let’s be frank; Canada’s parliamentary system is now fully entrenched by the political elite within Canada’s three major parties. The only way forward that I see is an absolute reconfiguration of confederation, or the collapse of Canada as it sits today. There is too much power in Eastern Canada; a region that holds values and beliefs that are far different than we have here. I think divorce is imminent.”

The party was shut out across Canada, including in Beauce where its leader Maxime Bernier lost his seat to the Tories. Bernier has pledged to continue as leader and build the party towards the next election.

Senior Contributor (Saskatchewan)

Lee Harding is the Senior Saskatchewan Contributor for the Western Standard and Saskatchewan Standard based in the Regina Bureau. He has served as the Saskatchewan Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

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