RCMP warn of police impersonation scam

RCMP warn of new police impersonation scam
RCMP warn of new police impersonation scam Courtesy of CBC

RCMP have warned citizens in Edson, AB of a new scam where a group of people have been  physically impersonating police officers. 

Most recently, a victim received a phone call from a number that was displayed as RCMP. The criminal on the other end of the line posed as an officer and said the victim was going to be arrested for a “money laundering” scheme. 

Simultaneously, two accomplices dressed as RCMP knocked on the victim’s door. 

They asked if the victim had received the aforementioned call and told the person they would “be arrested unless they pay a fee,” according to a press release from the RCMP. 

The victim then was coerced into emptying their bank account, purchasing gift cards and reporting to the person on the other end of the phone. 

“The suspect on the phone said that the money would be given back if it was proven that they were not part of an ongoing investigation,” the RCMP said. 

The event happened at about 10 a.m. November 3 near Edison’s 4 Ave. between 63 St. and 56 St., on November 3, 2023. 

Police are asking anyone who “may have seen something or have access to dashcam or surveillance footage, to please call the Edson RCMP detachment.”

Alberta RCMP warned the public “to always be aware of scammers” and advised several steps to take in the event of a similar crime. 

“At no time will an RCMP officer request a fee, gift cards or otherwise money in exchange of forgoing an arrest,” the RCMP said. “If an arrest warrant is issued, the warrant will be executed as specified on the warrant. If a warrant to search a home or seize an account is granted, the warrant will be executed as specified and you are entitled to read the warrant.”

“If ever you are in the presence of someone stating they are a police officer and you have doubts, you are allowed to ask for identification. Furthermore, you may call 9-1-1 or your local detachment or dispatch number to confirm that the officers before you are who they say they are.”

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