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Even the government doesn’t seem to be able to get on board with its own ideas.

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, Cabinet confidentially “reviewed the prospect of vaccine passports while publicly opposing the idea as extreme,” internal records say.

For the first time, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau endorsed compulsory proof of vaccination for federal employees and air passengers on August 15.

On April 22 2020, just six weeks after the initial outbreak of the pandemic, an internal e-mail from the Privy Council showed cabinet asking for information on the “feasibility of introducing so-called immunopassports.”

Thao Pham, the author of the e-mail, sent it to Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland as an “answer to your questions.”

Pham said in the e-mail serological testing required for immunopassports, and the accuracy of them, would be a major contributing factor to getting the concept off the ground. Pham said the current technology simply isn’t adept to handle it, and “accuracy of testing have hindered progress.”

The e-mail revealed the Department of Health didn’t have a strategy for “consideration of immunopassports or other similar approaches where individuals who have antibodies are assumed to be immune to further infection could be cleared to return to work.”

Last January 14, Trudeau said he was not in favour of mandatory vaccination and believed it was an extreme measure. “I think the indications that the vast majority of Canadians are looking to get vaccinated will get us to a good place without having to take more extreme measures that could have real divisive impacts on community and country.”

When asked by a reporter whether he would consider requiring those in Canada to show proof of vaccination, Trudeau said he thinks it’s an an interesting idea, but might also be “fraught with challenges.”

Trudeau said he could think of many legitimate reasons Canadians may be unable to attain a COVID-19 shot outside of personal or political choice. “There are medical reasons. There are a broad range of reasons why someone might not get vaccinated.”

On August 15 Trudeau maintained his support for federal employees and those attempting to board commercial flights or VIA rail passenger trains to be vaccinated. “As a government we chose to make sure federal public servants and everyone boarding a train or a place be vaccinated.”

Mandatory vaccination regulations would take effect by Halloween on October 31. Transport Minister Omar Alghabra told reporters on August 13 they are “requiring federally-regulated employers to adjust their rules to ensure a mandate is imposed to later than the end of October.”

Jackie Conroy is a reporter for the Western Standard

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