Michelle Rempel Garner

Michelle Rempel Garner

Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner said hate has no place in Calgary or anywhere else after people held a rally against a family-friendly drag event on Sunday. 

“A wise queen once said, ‘If you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?’” said Rempel Garner in a Monday tweet. 

Reporter (Alberta)

Jonathan Bradley is a Reporter for the Western Standard & Alberta Report. Bradley has contributed stories to the National Post, True North, and Canadaland. He obtained a master's degree in media production at Toronto Metropolitan University.

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I think the Lord God Almighty has a controversy with Rempel-Garner. Even abstaining from condemning the vile sexual practices that are being pushed in our faces indicates tacit agreement.


Submitted my comment on wrong article. The one I meant it for was David Krayden's opinion piece on Rempel's remarks.


Thank you David Krayden! Politicians need to be called out for supporting these events. A Canadian Author has written a great article on why we should NOT be exposing our children to Drag Queens. https://www.feministcurrent.com/2022/06/26/why-do-children-need-drag-queen-story-hour/


Rempel is a card carrying member of the Canadian Uniparty. All the destructive cultural Marxism at half the price ( because she a fiscally responsible “conservative”).


It is pretty amazing the different people who get into politics and will sell their souls for their name in the paper because they were in favor of the most pathetic debauchery imaginable.


What area of Calgary is Rempel the MP? I'd like to know just so I can avoid it when I move to AB. If she believes that men who dress up as sexualized "women" just want to read to little kids and nothing more, she's a woke idiot.


Rempel is in Nose Hill. I hope the people in Nose Hill see this article!


Rempel Garner: "If you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?"

Jesus Christ: "...you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind and with all your strength."


He also said " Love your neighbor as youself " It's not an either/or situation. Love the sinner but hate the sin.


I am speechless as to how low our society has shrunk.


Hopefully the voters for Calgary - Nose Hill see her for what she truly is and will not vote for her in the next election.

About Liberty

My hope as well. While I understand the “love everyone” mantra, some people are dangerous to our children. Their innocence must be protected. Rempel-Garner has lost her mind when it comes to weighing moral priorities.

Rusty Pipes

Agreed. Rempel Garner has morphed into another WEF minion. Hopefully next election she will be booted by her constituents to the curb where she belongs. Her true colors of supporting child sexual exploitation are now exposed. Debauched, sexually explicit drag shows have no place in children's presence. Anyone who would support the sexualization of drag queen raunchy behavior as that of "entertainment" and or supporting LGBGQ+ or whatever should get their heads examined.




As I have been saying for a long time now, this woman is a cult of her own personality. She is a faux conservative and only interested in drawing attention to herself. She stands for nothing and no one but herself. In Canadian politics, that makes her normal.


This world has become bizarre in what they deem acceptable, next the pornography industry is going to be showing matinees for children and crying if parents protest. Drag queens like pornography and stripping are ADULT muses, children can go to Paw Patrol shows that are APPROPRIATE. Rempel doesn't have children so she doesn't have a clue about protecting them or their development, she needs to keep quiet.


Rempel should be on her way out. WEF and now hating on parents who want to raise their children to be decent human beings. She no longer represents conservative values.


Whose idea was it in the first place that children need to see drag shows? Hasn't drag always been a form of adult entertainment? This stupid world.


Aahhh no. It’s not hate. It’s a group of people who believe that exposing children to this type of thing brainwashes and influences and confuses their small minds at a critical learning stage in their lives. They have plenty of time later as adults to be exposed to and decide for themselves what they would like to do. Children need to be exposed to acts that have some class. Good music. Good dancing. Good art. Etc. Not a man dressed as a woman who can’t sing or dance, lipsinking to lousy music. I mean this isn’t circ du sole’ here. (Improper spelling) There’s no class. This stuff is garbage. It’s grooming. The higher ups (commies) know it but the sheeple don’t. They listen to the brainwashing of the higher ups and think that they’re doing the right thing, being politically correct. And because they are stupid leftist haters they don’t give it a second thought.


Little does Rempel Garner know, condemning is a form of protesting therefore like any leftist hypocrite that claims to be a conservative, she is spewing hate as well.

Republic of 'Berta

Conservative groomer!


Rempel is irrelevant, she is simply another trough feeder. We have the right in this country to peacefully protest, since when does get to decide who protests and who doesn’t? Where was she when we had our rails blockaded by protesters? Did she flap her irrelevant gums when BLM was invading our towns and cities? These people are child molesters and she is defending them, making her just as sick as they are. This WEF stooge can go to he|| as far as I’m concerned.


Rempel Garner is anti-family pro pedophilia.


Rempel Garner very willingly showed her true colours ( red tory ) last summer when she supported the already disgraced Brown. Only when it became obvious he was not a threat to Pierre, did she bail. Notley, Gondek & Garner...Alberta's edition of the 3 stooges.


I condemn Rempel Garner, she is anti-family.


Pink Floyd has a message for these child groomers, "Hey teacher, leave them kids alone!"


Everyone has a choice to make regarding these types of events. Rempel-Garner has chosen to make political gains (or losses) by supporting these events much like Trudeau.


Rempel is losing it. She no longer makes sense, or stands for anything in particular. She just wants to blither on a public stage. One thing is for sure, she is no conservative.

Boris Hall

It appears all our establishment politicians support pedophiles and grooming children

Anyone who opposes sexualizing 3 year olds now is committing a “hate crime” according to the Trudeau infected satanists currently infecting Canada


What is wrong with these parents that take their kids to these events? They need to be investigated, what else are they teaching them?


Exactly. Who are the parents willingly bringing their kids to these events? Then again kids often rebel against what their parents push on them so it might work okay in the end.


So rempel now hates children and the parents who LOVE their children?

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