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Saskatchewan independent MLA Nadine Wilson (Saskatchewan Rivers) is demanding the government to investigate COVID-19 vaccination deaths.

“I call on the government to open an independent public inquiry into all aspects of how COVID-19 was handled in this province,” said Wilson.

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Reporter (Saskatchewan)

Christopher Oldcorn is a Saskatchewan Reporter for the Western Standard & Saskatchewan Standard. He studied at the Centre for Investigative Journalism at Goldsmith’s, University of London and served as editor-in-chief of the SaultOnline.

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anyone with this kind of knowledge should volunteer to share it with the Inquiry that Preston Manning is involved with.


everyone with knowledge in this area needs to volunteer to give evidence to the Inquiry that Preston Manning is setting up.


Will a post-mortem be performed on this poor lady, victim of government lies and those of medical personnel who have sold their soul to be seen with such liars, or has the Sask govt. taken her corpse and cremated it a dozen times already?

Boris Hall

“Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” is now “suddenly” one of the leading causes of death all across the “vaccinated” Western world

“Mysteriously” it didn’t even exist 2 years ago

Hmmm ? ….. What have we done differently in the last 2 years?

Still the delusional morons in denial find it too scary to pull their heads out of their as$es as it will shatter their reality


Viva Frei interviewed Keith Wilson the lawyer representing Brian Peckford in his constitution challenge case. Keith pointed out that the government admitted the vaccine is now in stage 3 of its human testing. They are using Canadian uninformed citizens. It is no wonder that everyone has immunity from prosecution and responsibility. Keith Wilson tells how to look up the court transcripts.

Voice of Reason

You are all nuts.


No, some of us never volunteered to be test subjects for an Emergency Use Authorization vaccine. Sadly a great many people will have to live or die with the consequences of doing so.


We all want the truth. Keep on this.

Boris Hall

I sometimes wonder if it’s even possible for our governments and authorities to be more corrupted and evil than they already are

It’s on par with Joseph Mengele what they have done and are doing



There needs to be an investigation in vaccine deaths. The governments handling of the Covid scamdemic has criminal. The governments continue to push an experimental vaccine onto the public using never before used technology for creating the vaccine. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines should never have been approved since mRNA was never done before. There should been extensive testing done which would have taken years, but no they rushed it out through emergency use authorization. Now they want us to get the bi-valent booster which has had no clinical trials done at all. It has been approved, yet big pharma are supposed to start clinical trials. So the government is pushing a vaccine in which the general public will be the test subjects. Do a proper investigation and admit the truth, because the truth will come out eventually.

Only Freedom Matters Now

Uh oh! She's about to suffer the wrath of questioning the Ministry of Truth . . . I mean Health.

She will be 'unpersoned' down the memory hole very soon.

Turdsingh Not my Canada

Make noise. This is not right and they all know it, Moe, SHA, MOH. We know, they know we know. Truth always wins.

Cosmo Kramer

Keep in mind that anyone who died and tested positive within 3 months before the date of death was listed as a covid-19 death. This could be someone who died from cancer and also a person who died in an automobile accident.

However, we have seen deaths from unknown causes went up drastically over the last year and Dr. Hodgkinson has said that there were no autopsies as the powers did not want to know the cause. To have 7 deaths declared after the shots must have had an extraordinary circumstances and pressure to have them declared as so. Especially under the ludicrous incident of a Saskatchewan woman dying during the 15 minute wait period after the shot. To declare this as natural causes displays not only corruption and incompetence but evil.

In my experience, people are not dropping off dead left and right. However, I do know a 27 year old soccer player who died of a blood clot in the brain a year ago. He had 2 shots. I know of another 15 year old girl who plays high level soccer who got a blood clot in the brain but thankfully it was not fatal although she had to give up soccer for 9 months. Two work colleagues were off work for 6 months after adverse reactions from the jabs. And, Edmonton's own Alphonso Davies developed myocarditis after the jab. We do not know what the long term effects will be.

These covid-19 jabs are lethal. The latest one has been approved after being tested on 8 mice. This is unbelievable. Also, the ingredients of these shots have not been made known. Moderna has a proprietary "secret" ingredient that they will not disclose. This has gone too far. It is not enough that 3 UCP leadership candidates are saying they would never mandate them. They should be going further saying the emperor has no clothes by stating the facts that they do not even work, are dangerous, and stopping their distribution altogether.

Boris Hall

Great comment Cosmo 👍

Boris Hall

Bravo for this brave beautiful lady

The evil surrounding these so called “vaccines” is unlike anything we have seen before in Canada and the world

The sinister powers pushing this for profit poison are all in on the fraud, lies and deception so they can’t backtrack and continue to double down

This is easily the biggest fraud and crime against humanity in history

All governments and MSM in the West have been exposed for the liars and criminals they are

Creepy Little Dictator

Make a list of everything that we know that the media, health care system, and government DIDN'T lie about regarding covid and the vaccines: 1: It's a virus. 2:_________?


She’s a bit late to the races. The gig is up lady and you’ve been silent for way too long at this point.


She was the only one to stand up from the beginning on this false vaccine that’s why she is sitting as an independent

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