Carol Pearce

Carol Pearce

On September 14, a woman died at a Shoppers Drug Mart (SDM) in Saskatoon right after receiving her COVID-19 booster shot.

Carol Pearce received the booster and was waiting for the required 15-minute waiting period, but she dropped dead.

Stephanie Foster and Carol Pearce

Stephanie Foster and Carol Pearce

Reporter (Saskatchewan)

Christopher Oldcorn is a Saskatchewan Reporter for the Western Standard & Saskatchewan Standard. He studied at the Centre for Investigative Journalism at Goldsmith’s, University of London and served as editor-in-chief of the SaultOnline.

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Wouldn’t it be prudent to discover the reason for her death before screaming it’s the vaccine? She probably had an aneurism, which would kill you instantly in most cases. Seems unlikely that the vaccine could kill you that quickly, otherwise there would be hundreds of million dead people killed by it. God forbid reason enter into anything now a days!

Creepy Little Dictator

How many Canadians have died as a result of the corrupted Zoolander Media hiding these deaths from us? How many would have skipped the second shot or booster if they hadn't been lied to by the evil joke that is the main stream media in Canada?


People are overtrusting of both Health Canada and their doctors. I don’t think [doctors] are aware of the degree of risk with specific drugs and neither are the people who are taking them.”

In fact, Dr Lexchin (Dr. Lexchin has been writing and publishing about pharmaceutical policy issues for the past 30 years)said the federal health agency doesn’t put the resources into monitoring safety that it should. “Over the past 15 years or so Health Canada has consistently put about three to four times more people and more money into approving new drugs compared to monitoring the safety of drugs that are already on the market,”


Now, please, think about all those in the military branches of the world who were forced to get these shots. Pilots are flying aircraft at extreme speeds (include airline pilots); tank operators, artillerymen at practice; the use of live ammunition during manoeuvers, and what about those working in nuclear facilities, military or otherwise? Perhaps we should be even more concerned than we already are.


She'd have a lot more success fundraising on Give Send Go. Everyone here knows why: Gofundme decided to take political sides against us on vaccine mandates when Tamara Lich was raising cash for truckers. Lots of good people have committed to never using goFme again for any reason.


I don't and won't believe anything these doctors/nurses/pharmacists/etc. say going forward for the rest of my life. I wasn't against vaccines before but I am now. There is no credibility left. If you're still playing along in this corruption and know what is going on but say and do nothing then you're culpable. F**k you

A Person

Normal people don't get up the next day after someone dies like that, gets dressed, goes to work, puts on gloves and continues shovelling the same poison the next day, unabated. This pharmacist/paharmacy and all of its employees are criminally ill if they think this is just the way it is. Listen to her voice when asked about risks; she kinda pauses and then without further hesitation trains her shotgun's sight's on another potential victim. I wonder if she would have changed her tune if she saw anything recognizable to her as being a shared trait of humanity (according to her) in this would-be customer of chance? Is this the modality of tribalism we're watching?


I now include some occupations as being included in the definition of what a serial killer is.

Only Freedom Matters Now

I formerly worked in the Canadian grocery industry. If these is contaminant i.e. Listeria, E.coli, Salmonella in any food product in Canada, the products are pulled from every food retailer in the country. There are very tight systems in place to ensure this is completed in just a few days.

Yet we have this going on with an experimental injection.

So, either one these is true:

1) the injections are safe and the countless cases of injury and death are just coincidence.

2) there are a whole lot of unscrupulous people getting paid a who lot of money to look the other way.

And yet despite all of this, some of us knew enough to stay far away from this injection; why do we think that is? Rhetorical question of course.


What a freaking crime. Bloody murder is what it is! I wonder how these people administering the poison can live with themselves. They might as well just shoot us all in the head with a bullet.

Boris Hall

By far the biggest mass murder and crime against humanity in history

Nothing could be less “safe” and less “effective” than these deadly poisonous experimental for profit injections

Everyone involved in pushing and coercing this murderous and evil insanity should be hung

Boris Hall

Biggest and most murderous crime against humanity in history

Murdering people for big Pharma profit

Anyone pushing this deadly poison should be swinging from a noose starting with Trudeau and “Dr” Bonnie (Mengele) Henry

Left Coast

People are dropping all over the world . . . over 1000 athletes in Europe affected, Drs. dropping dead in Canada and Insurance Companies reporting 40 to 60% increases in Working Age Claims since the 4th Q of 2021.

Why would anyone take the VAX that we know does not prevent Covid or keep you out of the hospital?



It's a fact that she died 7 minutes after her shot. That's not allegedly. Now, if you want to hedge against getting labelled misinformation then... well... that sucks.


I am relieved my mom will not be getting a 4th, or any more, but do have family members who have gotten their 4th dose. I feel so bad for this family. It's difficult to cope with any death, especially one that so easily could have been avoided, it seems. The family needs to request an autopsy. I pestered the hospital and doctors until they agreed to perform one for my father this summer.

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