Alberta oil and gas

The Sturgeon Refinery near Redwater, AB, is now using bitumen as its feedstock.

Canadian liquified natural gas exports to Asia could provide the net emissions equivalent reduction of removing every single car from Canadian roads, according to a study done for the Canadian Energy Centre. 

“In Canada, we have an abundance of natural gas,” said Wood Mackenzie Director—Americas Consulting Matthias Bloennigen in a Monday press release. 

Reporter (Alberta)

Jonathan Bradley is a Reporter for the Western Standard & Alberta Report. Bradley has contributed stories to the National Post, True North, and Canadaland. He obtained a master's degree in media production at Toronto Metropolitan University.

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(4) comments

Woodrow George

The main obstacles are the Trudeau-Singh-Notley coalition and a convicted felon/eco-terrorist named Environment Minister Guilbeault. It's akin to letting the foxes loose in the henhouse.


While Canada wallows in its own BS, Mexico is gearing up to sell our gas for us. How stupid is that?


Why do we need another study to just verify the obvious?! What did this one cost the tax payer & what will it accomplish?? Sounds like someone's friend needed more. money. whoever granted this so called study should be charged, then fired. This cr2p has got to stop.

Barron Not Barron

There's never anything about "emissions". They can have mega yachts, mega planes, mega everything. Only you "emit".

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