Suncor headquarters

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Suncor Energy, a Canadian integrated energy company based in Calgary, announced it is abandoning its wind and solar projects to focus on its oil and gas sector.

In an effort to optimize returns on its investment in the Canadian energy sector and maximize shareholder dividends, Suncor “will strengthen its focus on hydrogen and renewable fuels to accelerate progress towards its objective to be a net-zero company by 2050,” a Tuesday press release said.

Reporter (Alberta)

Amanda Brown is an Alberta reporter for the Western Standard and Alberta Report. She has been a professional copy editor and features writer for regional media in Alberta since 2013.

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....just read an interesting piece a couple of days ago--if we approached zero emissions, it is highly likely that the atmospheric CO2 level would drop to the point that green plants would have difficulty growing. (you know---that photosynthesis thing that you learned about in grade 5 or 6). The chain reaction to that would be devastating. (and BTW, the optimum level for trace-gas C02 is quite a bit higher than it is today. Its a Hoax and a Fraud, guys........

Left Coast

As we are seeing today in Germany, Denmark & Britain . . . as well as Texas & California . . . . Wind & Solar will NEVER power a Province, State or even a large Industrial City.

The Germans discovered "Green" Coal & the citizens are buying Wood Stoves thanks to the Govt. going all "Renewable". By next Spring will the Germans have burned 1/2 the Black Forest in their Woodstoves?

Texas & California are telling you not to plug in your EV . . . and California can't keep your Home AC unit running.

This is obviously a smart decision . . . these Chinese Made overpriced Bird Killing Windmills have a short lifespan and there is NO payback EVER!

Acres covered with Toxic Solar Panels that after a Decade are useless land as the Silicons leach into the soil and make it useless for crops.

The entire CO2 hypothesis is a SCAM !


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