Testimony reveals Health Canada did not recommend travel vax mandate

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

According to testimony from a federal government bureaucrat, Health Canada did not recommend a vaccine mandate for travel. 

Jennifer Little, the director general of COVID Recovery at Transport Canada, is responsible for writing the policy put in place by the Trudeau government preventing millions of unvaccinated Canadians from flying or travelling by train.

Reporter (Alberta)

Melanie Risdon is an Alberta Reporter for the Western Standard and Alberta Report based in the Calgary Headquarters. She has over 20 years’ experience in media at Global News, Rogers and Corus.

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I have idly been trying to make sense of this part of Trudeau's musings and think I may have come close to figuring it out. The first principle is that of the Mad Hatter (I think it was) who said that words just mean whatever the Hatter says they mean. Think Stephane Dion a few years ago when the Kyoto treaty was in the news, and he named his dog "Kyoto". Or now, when you get "fully vaccinated" against Covid, by taking a shot that does nothing to prevent your future infection by Covid. So "following the science" cant mean what we have meant for decades when we say that. Turns out nobody told those who created the "policy" (PHAC) that the "science" indicated those measures should be adopted. And those people writing the "mandates" had no scientific background. Just did what their masters wanted them to do. Now, since we are polite canadians, we recoil at calling our PM a bald-faced bought -and- paid- for liar, so we assume he was wearing his "mad Hatter" hat. Perhaps he has a dog named "the Science" that he follows around?? Or perhaps Klaus Schwab has a big Rule Book, to go along with the list of his political Handmaidens, that needed a name for easy reference. Since "Mein Kampf" was already taken, it perhaps seemed useful to label it "the Science" so as to appear harmless (kind of like George Soros referring to the Open Society, which is not Open, and arguably not a "society".) If I am correct here, we have found a way to avoid calling JT a liar, while explaining what he is doing. The useful corollary is that we can now claim that trudeau's Science should be the basis of criminal charges, without redefining "criminal charges". Watch for my next chapter called "the meaning of 'Woke'".

Boris Hall

Every syllable coming from this vile disgusting Trudeau infected regime is a lie

Every syllable

Woodrow George

Tucker Carlson is right every time he calls Turdiot a "little dictator". Watched Global 'Pravda' National tv news (and puked) at 5:00 PM. Global gets 20% of its income from Canadian taxpayers but will not report the truth. No media should get a penny of taxoayers' hardearned dollars. 'Cause this is what you get for your money: propaganda.


How much more corruption will Canadians stand? This liberal regime is out of control, and the NDP is in full support of it, and remember, both federal and Provincial NDP parties are joined at the hip.


So Justin and his minions lied when they said the police asked for martial law and lied again when they implied the jab mandate for travellers came from the public health authorities.

...Surprising absolutely no one. Thanks for reporting on this though WS. Keep up the good work.


So apparently you're supposed to check your brain at the door - "“It’s not my responsibility to question or analyze the data that the experts on public health in this country provide me,” she said." Also "experts".

Boris Hall

Appalling but not surprising

These people and this government are demons

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