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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says no government can tell a woman what to do with her body, even after his government enforced vaccine mandates for nearly a year, and as Canada remains the only developed country with a vaccine mandate for international travel. 

His comments came in response to a decision from the US Supreme Court today to overturn Roe v. Wade, ending 50 years of federal abortion rights. Nearly half the states are expected to ban or severely restrict abortion now that the highly anticipated decision has been released. 

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Scum. He thinks we're too stupid to see him talking out of both sides of his puppet mouth. They only care about a 'woman's' right when it involves killing another life instead.


He is a pathological hypocrite. His words are accepted as truth to the unsuspecting person(s) who are unable to see his actions don't line up with his words. Sadly, people are still unable see through his lies.

Boris Hall

The death of this vile evil corrupt treasonous maggot Trudeau would be the greatest celebration in Canadian history


I enjoyed reading everyone’s comments. It’s nice to see so many people all on the same page.


These words come from the same empty space as all too many others. This inept puppet continues to add to his ever growing list of embarrassing statements. One doesn't look long to find rights to self defence, or his interference in the Nova Scotia murder(s) investigation. Any time he moves his lip it is for a cover up & / lie.

Creepy Little Dictator

Most Canadian voters are too brainwashed to see the hypocrisy of this.


I am amazed that that lying hypocrite is still breathing air

private property

It is absolutely crazy to watch Trudeau's marxist ideology on display. There is no logic coming from him on womens rights, child transgender rights, climate change and immigration. The reason marxism always fails is because there is no common sense reality at the core of marxism.

Not Sure

Yeah, except it doesn't fail. The goal of Marxism is the ritual slaughter of Europeans, and each time people place feels above reals, it happens again.

"Abort our children"

"Surrender our firearms"

"Import hostile immigrants"


We all know Trudeau is a liar, a hypocrite and about as smart as a bag of rocks, the question is, what are canadians going to do about it? As western canadians, there isn’t much we can do, sure we can vote, but what good does voting do when a place like Toronto picks the PM, until we leave this abusive relationship, im afraid we are stuck with the dictatorship of Trudeau.


It is never hopeless these issues take time to resolve. The fight against Roe took 50 years and the fight for Albertan sovereignty might take just as long. It doesn't mean we should stop speaking out and advocating. Alberta has a right to form it's own Constitutional Republic free from the predations of Ottawa and we should stay the course and continue to put one foot in front of the other.


Vote in a Premier who will establish the Alberta Sovereignty act, that way we get the same rights and privileges Quebec outs. And we don’t have to change the constitution to do it.


The hypocrisy of the Trudeau regime knows no bounds. By Trudeau's logic one could say that you cannot choose to put the life of an unborn child at risk. He seems to think there is only one person involved in a decision to abort. There are two lives involved that of the mother and that of the unborn child. If the state can decide that you don't have a right to live before birth then all other rights are up for grabs including your right to life as an adult. Abortion is the root of the poisonous tree and the Covid Fraud is the fruit. There is a direct line from abortion to mandatory vaccination. The Covid Fraud would not have been possible if the government had not used abortion to lay the intellectual ground work that they control everything in society including your life and they have the right to terminate your life for any reason or none at all.


How about a woman’s right to bodily autonomy and her right to choose when and how big her family is? Or do you prefer to go back in time to when women were the chattel of men, couldn’t vote and were excluded from the workforce.


Nothing Trudsingh says can be trusted or believed


What a pompous a$$

Mars Hill

People are waking up.



Boris Hall

This more than obvious comparison and contradiction shows beyond a shadow of a doubt how worthless and corrupt our media and institutions in Canada are.

Any reasonably rational 5 year old can connect these dots but apparently not our MSM


There is no contradiction. Covid vaccines are a choice and so is abortion.

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