Trudeau interview with CBC

Trudeau interview with CBC

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says those who chose not to receive COVID-19 vaccines must accept the consequences of their decisions, including lost employment and restricted access to travel and other services.

"It was their choice and nobody ever was going to force anyone into doing something they don't want to do," the prime minister said in an interview with CBC Radio's The House, which will air on Saturday.

Bureau Chief (Parliament Hill)

Matthew Horwood is the Parliamentary Bureau Chief of the Western Standard based in the Parliamentary Bureau. He has a degree in journalism from Carleton University and has been a reporter for the Hill Times and the Ottawa Business Journal.

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(39) comments


Well, I want to send out a personal and huge THANK YOU to every single poster who has commented (38 at this moment) on this article. Together you have said it all and pretty much left little for me to add other than my gratitude to you all for laying out so much truth.

Creepy Little Dictator

"It was their choice and nobody ever was going to force anyone into doing something they don't want to do,"

Have sex with me or you're fired.

See, you have a choice!


this would be akin to someone like Caecescu of Romania, or hitler, or mussolini, or ...... saying: You have the ability to not support me, or NOT do what I tell you to do, but be prepared to suffer the consequences if that is what you choose.


“I will always call out unacceptable rhetoric and hateful language wherever I see it,"

Except when it’s coming out of the hypocrite’s own mouth.

David MacKAY

Long ago Trudeau's commentaries became the hit and miss ramblings of a Psychopath "wanna be Dictator" Making one statement than contradicting it in the next. The snipers that he placed on Ottawa rooftops during the clearly peaceful freedom protest shows that he really wants to show his power by killing people and is desperately searching for any reason to declare martial law and do whatever he pleases to the Canadian people.


And SHAME on the RCMP for not standing up and investigating this stain on humanity!


This pathetic creature (not even a man) is so stupid he is the prefect puppet for his puppet master! He is of his father the devil, a liar and murderer from the beginning. He is not abolishing all his tyrannical mandates out of pure spite. A public gallows should be constructed right outside the parliament buildings and he should be the first one tried, convicted and executed.


Like Pierre Trudeau, Justin takes opposition to his proposals as personal attacks. So he continues to attack the jabless as spreaders of disease even though everybody knows the jab does nothing to stop the spread.


[scared] The hypocrisy, the post modernism…. The constant contradictions within a single thought. It just doesn’t stop.

Boris Hall

Imagine injecting something into your body because a pathologically lying evil corrupt criminal psychotic like Trudeau tells you to?

It would be like taking medical advice from Dr Mengele or Hitler

It will be a great day for Canada when Trudeau is dead


I’m so sick of this divisive, vindictive, superficial, petulant airhead masquerading as some sort of a statesman. It should be an insult to the intelligence of every Canadian adult every day that he holds the title of Prime Minister.


I cannot believe how absolutely stupid this PM is, or should do say the people who voted for this idiot are. Forcing people to get a medical procedure on their bodies or be fired are not real choices, they are forced medical procedures, western Canada, we can do better, let’s leave this abusive relationship, and start fresh, we will be wealthy beyond our wildest dreams, we can be free from this dictatorship. If for one second we think by electing another party this stops, we are wrong, it only postpones it, eastern Canada will elect dictators, they have for many years, Trudeau 1.0, Chretien, all fall into this mold, they just had a tiny bit more conscious than the present Narcissist. We need to leave, the sooner the better.

Not Sure

He isn't stupid, he is disingenuous. He is putting on an act to cover up his loyalty to a supra-national self-proclaimed "intellectual elite". Basically, the elite aren't fit to lead humanity so they've turned to war style propaganda and eugenics efforts. The old guard are reigning us in while they still can.


Agree 100%

David MacKAY

Trudeau's style is to obtain compliance by illegal Criminal Extortion.

"You don't comply and I will take away your rights and do even worse things to you"

original thoughts of Justin Trudeau


How about turdope accept the consequences suffered by those he forced the jab on.


Justin Trudeau must accept consequences' of his governments decisions. He will pay for his tyranny.


Lets not forget that its a globalist Play being acted out. The "alberta govt"--i.e. Kenney, spent millions on ads encouraging Albertans to take the "safe and effective" vaccine, when he had to know that it was NEITHER. I think Trudeau still thinks the globalists will protect him and give him a cushy job at the UN, or with some globalist organization at the end of the day. My guess is that they regard him as disposable--to be used and then discarded. Couldnt happen to a better "mark".


Yes, there are 'consequences' to being 'pureblood'. There are also 'consequences' to being 'jabbed'.

I am 'pureblood' and got the CCP-Coronavirus. It was a weird disease, but I was back at work after a little while. I now have 'wide spectrum' natural immunity, which should last for some time. True-dolt, SUPPOSEDLY jabbed 3 times, SUPPOSEDLY got the CCP-Coronavirus TWICE. Obviously, the jabs work so VERY well! NOT! In addition, they apparently suppress the immune system so that the 'jabbed' will require on going 'boosters' periodically.

True-dolt is oblivious to the fact that mocking God also has 'consequences'. His criticism of the USSC reversal of Roe v. Wade ridicules God. I'll take the 'consequences' of disobeying 'his imperiousness', the petulant, man-child Prime Mistake True-dolt, to disobeying God.

Comment deleted.
Boris Hall


100% agree


The hypocrisy of this man talking about consequences. He has weaseled himself out of every scandal he has ever encountered, and always had someone else take the fall. I can't believe he can says the things he does with a straight face.

Left Coast

The "Consequences" of being UnVAXED is that when you come in contact with the Virus you have Life Time Antibodies and likely don't catch any of the Variants.

Only the terminally stupid like Justin buy the VAX narrative . . . tell us about the 4th Shot Jussie . . . how it only lasts 4 to 7 weeks. The CDC says Natural Immunity is far superior and likely lasts a lifetime . . .

As 1000s experience injury & death from the Experimental VAX . . . this Idiot doubles down on Insanity . . . remember Canada you "Elected" this moron!


I have never seen a dumber person hold an elected position in Canada ooops except Freeland she's real dumb.


The irony is not lost on me that Trudeau is headed to Rwanda the scene of a major genocide as he commits genocide against his own people with his dangerous and poisonous "vaccines". The only hate and intolerance I have is for Trudeau and his illegitimate regime.


we need a like button for comments. I like this.


Was he talking to the mirror? I will always call out unacceptable rhetoric and hateful language wherever I see it," Trudeau said. And how many times has he had COVID? Maybe he should sit this one out. And where's Sophie?

Randy Redekop

That’s right Mr genius, millions of Canadians must accept the consequences of voting in the worst prime minister in Canadian history.

Berta baby

Freedom to be protected? ….interesting


What about the vaccine injured? Must they now accept the consequences of their decision in spite of being lied to about the vaccine being "safe and effective"? From what I have read, the medical establishment is doing their best to point the finger away from the vaccines with only a token few injuries being recognized.


How much longer will the Liberal Party tolerate this man?

Only Freedom Matters Now

"they spread miss-information" says the man who in the same conversation re-states the patently false lie that "un-vaccinated" put "vaccinated" at risk.

Trudeau is an evil man at the same level that Hitler was an evil man.

And Trudeau will commit unspeakable atrocities as Hitler did - if he is allowed to continue.

It took Hitler over 10 years to get to the mass execution of the "undesirables" but it all started with eerily similar rhetoric.


No one out there was ever going to force anyone to do something they didn't wish to do??!! As long as they chose to follow the political science serving his back pocket. Try telling what this moronic waste of skin stated to the many thousands of health workers, airline employees, police, government & private sector workers, etc., etc., wishing to follow the REAL science. If this country dividing, blackfaced, self serving, Chinese admiring, WEF poster child, escapes a long term at the Crow Bar Inn, justice will have not been served to all effected.


Really? No one forced them? Lose their livelihood? That's not forced?

What about those who were told it was safe and effective and who are now permanently injured from it?

It always should have been a choice between my doctor and myself what is injected into my body and for me to ultimately decide based on my risk assessment.... not some bureaucrat authority with threats and coercion.

This is not an immunizing vaccine- It is leaky and therefore does not create immunity or stop transmission.

If that's the case how are you keeping anyone else safe on a plane or anywhere by not being vaccinated?

This guy is a petty bully who thinks he can force compliance by denying our constitutional rights and freedoms and make it so inconvenient many just did it.

He is such a narcissist who cannot accept others telling him no, so he simply sets up continuing punishment for those who did not comply.

We'll see in the September court case when all is thrown out.

I Hope his party throws him under the bus, and very soon.


"I will always call out unacceptable rhetoric and hateful language wherever I see it,"

That’s rich coming from the same mouth that spewed the hateful ‘racists and misogynists’ slurs at the unvaxxed. And he can’t see his strident position on a woman’s right to choose negates his position on an unvaxxed’s right to choose? What a dolt.

Part of me is concerned that Roe went down so that bodily autonomy can no longer be claimed for any reason

Barron Not Barron

yup, while, you know - BEING ALIVE hahahaha


He preaches pro-life and the right to choose when it comes to abortion, but when it comes to the covid injectable products that he personally makes millions off of, he says no choice? He's a hypocrite. Crime minister indeed.


lock this moron up and feed him salted sardines but don’t give him any water for as long as it takes; he’ll have a choice to either starve or die from dehydration; choices have consequences.

Mars Hill

"must accept the consequences of their decisions," ....the irony of that statement by JT will haunt him forever. I can hardly believe I actually feel sorry for the man, I hope he can find it in himself to ask God for forgiveness and make Jesus the Lord of his life.


He's a fine one to lecture on accepting responsibility and consequences for ones decisions. He is an international disgrace.

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