Trudeau warns Poilievre won’t tax-and-spend Canadians into prosperity

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks at Liberal event with subtitles
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks at Liberal event with subtitlesLiberal Party of Canada X post

Prime Minister Trudeau says his Liberal government knows best and warned a Conservative government led by Pierre Poilievre would act much differently.

The Liberal Party of Canada released a 34-second clip on Twitter ("X") showing Trudeau delivering his comments in French before a live audience.

“Since 2015, we've been delivering real progress by investing in Canadians, because we know that's the best way to grow the middle class, support families and build a strong economy,” the post read.

“But Pierre Poilievre and his Conservatives want to cut that progress and take Canada backward.”

Trudeau made his comments with a Canadian flag in the background and a backdrop with the Liberal Party logo.

“If we listen to the Conservatives, the best thing to do now, facing all these challenges, these difficult challenges to Canadians is to cut programs, is to cut services and care for Canadians, to cut the investments that people rely on to build a better world,” Trudeau said.

“Excuse me, but that’s not the approach we should take and it’s not an approach that will amplify the concerns and worries of Canadians either, that will solve the challenges we are facing.”

Trudeau contradicted himself, as an approach that failed to amplify concerns would mean it was doing no worse.

Of course, all government 'investments' are done either by current taxation or delayed taxation through deficit spending.

The post prompted a flurry of skepticism from everyday Canadians in minutes, including Pete (@sidestreamFB).

“Moving backwards from drastically increased cost of living, crumbling institutions, and international embarrassment is a good thing,” he said.

Maximo said, “No such thing as free money and all benefits come with a huge cost and the usual inefficient bureaucracy; most Canadians are not on board with liberal policies.”

“Is that what they want? Whoever came up with this should be fired, along with most (all?) Liberal communications staff,” wrote Kyle Riley of Edmonton. “This stuff is terrible.”

“Was this the $1,700 talk or the recently discounted $1,000 talk?” asked Carine Danley. “How many in this room received special perks from Trudeau’s personal slush funds?”

Albertan Ron Walton posted a meme that read, “The well is dry, you morons.” It included a chart that showed the Trudeau government had amassed $662 billion of public debt, which outweighed the $630 billion amassed by all previous governments since 1867.

Sheldon wrote, “Unabated spending is not the same as investing. The Liberal party needs some basic economics classes.”

Frankly Democracy was even more frank.

“The liberal plan is to have Canadians leave as financial refugees after they confiscate all their property!"

“The liberals resemble organized crime more than a gov't.”

CanadianElliott could only ask, “When will the @liberal_party/@NDP  government stand for #Canadians and help build our middle class, instead of overtax, licence and regulate it out of existence?”

The Liberal government’s latest announcement was a $13 billion program to offer free dental care for everyone making less than $90,000. Annual costs to the treasury would be $4.4 billion annually.

At first, the government will only open it to people aged 87 and up, phasing in younger ages until all adults are included sometime in 2025.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said his party “forced” the government to do it as a condition of the confidence-and-supply agreement that could keep the Liberals in power until 2025. 

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