UK Parliament

As excess deaths in Britain soar, MPs are calling for an urgent investigation.

About 17,381 deaths were registered in England and Wales in seven days of January 2023, which is 2,837 above average for the time of year.

Bureau Chief (Parliament Hill)

Matthew Horwood is the Parliamentary Bureau Chief of the Western Standard based in the Parliamentary Bureau. He has a degree in journalism from Carleton University and has been a reporter for the Hill Times and the Ottawa Business Journal.

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Corrupt politicians the world over and so very very frightened as to what they have done. They should be.

Dee Zee

"The Health Secretary — part-man, part-ostrich

What does this mean? The health secretary identifies as an ostrich?[rolleyes]


Head in the Sand

Left Coast

It's likely the VAX . . . .

Canada was about 6 to 8 weeks behind Europe with it's VAX rollout . . . this will come here.

Dr McCullough: Any Person Dying With No Prior History of Significant Disease, It's the Vax

How long does the vaccine last in your body?

What can you do if you were vaxed?

Can we even answer those questions?


Keep getting those boosters & watch the numbers climb. It's happening here in Canada as well.

Boris Hall

Must be due to “climate change”

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