RCMP admits hacking cellphones and laptops of Canadians

Canada's national police force has admitted for the first time its use of spyware to hack mobile phones and laptops to collect data on suspects. 

The tech being used is said to give RCMP the ability to remotely turn on the camera and microphone of a device, but it said such tools are only used in the most serious cases when less intrusive techniques are unsuccessful. 

Reporter (Alberta)

Melanie Risdon is an Alberta Reporter for the Western Standard and Alberta Report based in the Calgary Headquarters. She has over 20 years’ experience in media at Global News, Rogers and Corus.

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I have no issues with the police using all tools available to stop serious crime, but I would like to have assurance it is not just used on the whim of our politicians for control of their political "enemies".

Under Brenda Lucki, the RCMP has lost a lot of credibility and their willingness to engage with peaceful protestors at the behest of politicians has infuriated many Canadians.

Under Trudeau, we now live in a police state where he has control of the police, judges, banks, insurance companies, media and soon the internet.

The RCMP must distance themselves from politics and removing Brenda Lucki as commissioner would be a positive first step.


It’s called Pegasus. It got ahead in the security arms race. It’s not surprising they use it.

The solution is to try to stay ahead in the cyber-security arms race. Any exploits used by the Stasi can be used by organized crime.


RCMP….use to stand for something, now not so much! Respect is earned and this force is sadly wanting!

Funny, I have more fear of Justin’s gestapo than I do of the bad guys, oh how the mighty have fallen!


Trust us…we’re the police. 🤨

Woodrow George

Even George Orwell couldn't have foreseen these intrusions. Time to make '1984' fiction again. The RCMP is not our friend.


And the news in Alberta the municipalities are asking to keep the RCMP as their provincial police force ; Could it be the community politicians show signs of dementia ?


"The force said it only employs these spyware techniques during serious criminal and national security investigations, and requires the authorization from a judge for each instance." So like when the Emergency Act was used? Of course we trust Canadian judges, that is why an Albertan grandmother will be transported back to Ottawa... It is time to rid Alberta of the RCMP.

Weyland Yutani

Only a fool would believe a single word from the RCMP. They have, by their own actions for decades now, destroyed all trust and credibility. The current comish, like her predecessor, is a g-d liar, and a wholly political creature. FreeMan is right: disband them, now.


The RCMP(read gestapo) need to be disbanded.

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