Derek Reimer

Protestor Derek Reimer alleged Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek is “acting like a dictator and infringing on our Charter rights and freedoms.”

Mission7 pastor Derek Reimer has been taken into custody for violating his bail conditions by rallying against the City of Calgary’s anti-protest bylaw near a library during an all ages drag show. 

“You are currently under arrest for breaching your 200 metre no go conditions,” said a Calgary police officer in a Wednesday video. 

Reporter (Alberta)

Jonathan Bradley is a Reporter for the Western Standard & Alberta Report. Bradley has contributed stories to the National Post, True North, and Canadaland. He obtained a master's degree in media production at Toronto Metropolitan University.

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(15) comments


Calgary is turning into Hitlers n-a-z-i regime.

Fecking disgusting cops are acting like the Gestapo and the SS from WWII

No wonder everyone starts hating these Mafia thugs.

John Thomas

"I am just following orders." It seems we have heard this before - 1930's, Germany? How'd that work out?


So City Council will allow Richard into the library, but not let a pastor within 200 M! Great job City Council.


Calgary mayor out of control, citizens need to use the Recall Act, Municipal Act can remove mayor, council, school trustees, check it out, comes available April 22/23. Every province should have it and it should apply to Provincial & Federal Governments.


Absolutely agree. Where do I sign?


Since when can a bylaw infraction lead to 1 year in prison? Has Calgary become a Communist state? The more stories I hear from Calgary, the more I think we should just build a wall around it, and let them exterminate themselves. We will let out anyone with a functional brain.


What has happened to Calgary?


You voted a leftist into City Hall.


You sure did.

Qitao Cheng

I learned from Zhihu and people said Baizuo(White left) hold a common feature:"Anyone doesn't agree with my opinion should be sent to Jail",that's it, like China Communist Party "Anyone doesn't agree with my(CCP's) .... should be sent to jail." Almost(99.9999%) all the white left are as same as CCP.


An Antifa terrorist in Winnipeg trying to murder innocent people with his vehicle doesn't spend a night in jail but a pastor peacefully standing up for what is right gets handcuffed and thrown in prison, what a upside down world.

Tommy Digger

This whole ideology is the NFPLiberal platform.

For shame lefties.


What a tragedy! Gondik, Calgary councillors and CPS are shamesless. Protect the perverts and jail the innocent.



Mars Hill

This is sad at every level. Pray for Pastor Reimer.

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