Daniel Roher

"Navalny" wins the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature Film.

Canadian director Daniel Roher won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature Film for Navalny, which examined Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s poisoning. 

“I would like to dedicate this award to Navalny, to all political prisoners around the world,” said Roher, of Toronto, in a Sunday video. 

Reporter (Alberta)

Jonathan Bradley is a Reporter for the Western Standard & Alberta Report. Bradley has contributed stories to the National Post, True North, and Canadaland. He obtained a master's degree in media production at Toronto Metropolitan University.

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(4) comments


More NATO propaganda, woopee


Hollywood's contribution to America's war on Russia. Ukrainians die but Hollywood made film! Wowee.


The engine is only as good as the guy who rebuilds it and the “Doc” is only as good as the person who makes it, all depending on their political leanings. This “Doc” is probably propaganda as this guy sounds like a leftist. Where’s the Doc on the dealings of the Biden crime family in Ukraine. Let’s face it. If Putin wasn’t in charge, Russia would be a complete progressive fascistic $h-t hole right now run by the likes of the Democrats and the Liberals, lying to people while stuffing their own bank accounts.


Regardless of potential relevance, the Oscars are simply a group of self selected people somehow believing in their own self entitlement and relevance in assessing the quality/achievement of another group whose primary achievement is to lie convincingly.

This may explain the number of actors who become politicians.

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