School shooting

Police have released body cam footage of officers shooting and killing the transgender shooter who murdered three students and three school employees at a Nashville Christian school on Monday. 

Dramatic body worn camera footage was released Tuesday showing Nashville police attempting to stop a transgender school shooter.

Covenant School shooter Audrey Hale was caught on CCTV as she drove straight into the parking lot of Covenant School in her vehicle, according to a Monday video. Hale turns left to go into another area of the parking lot. 

Nashville officers

Officer Rex Englebert and Officer Michael Collazo

Audrey Hale

Audrey Hale

Reporter (Alberta)

Jonathan Bradley is a Reporter for the Western Standard & Alberta Report. Bradley has contributed stories to the National Post, True North, and Canadaland. He obtained a master's degree in media production at Toronto Metropolitan University.

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Only Freedom Matters Now

As mental illness is - mental illness goes. Time to wake up and indulging mental illness believing them to be harmless. This was a good ending to a horrific evil act carried out by one of these mentally ill people. And yes, for greater clarity - gender confusion is mental illness.

AB Sovereignty

The video on Rumble shows the full camera action...

right up to, and including, them making her dead. [thumbup]


Congratulations to all the politicians, media, and fake moralists that continue to push and divide us to the point of causing a mental health crisis across all spectrums of politics, gender, religion, and culture. No longer is anyone responsible for their own selves, they are all 'victims' of people they perceive as monsters, so much so that they feel the appropriate action is the killing of innocents, even 9-year-old children.

I have no sympathy for anyone who does this, regardless of how they got to that point. I have to think that if we started putting more onus on people to work on themselves and realize they need to become better people and take responsibility for their own faults rather than pointing the finger at everyone else, crying victim, and having those feelings confirmed by quack therapists and politically motivated 'doctors'.

If you find yourself getting to the point where you think killing kids is the option, and you're not willing to accept help to bash that thinking into the ground, then do everyone a favor and end it before you cause anyone innocent any harm.

Gun violence is a symptom of the larger problem, regardless of your thoughts on how it should be handled. I personally believe it should be harder to obtain a gun than most states make it, but am a firm believer in responsible gun ownership. That being said, if all guns disappeared tomorrow, the mental health crisis would not, and these people would quickly realize they could cause just as much damage with a knife or a car for that matter.

Rest in peace kids, and thanks to the cop for pumping a couple of extra rounds into that vile monster, even if he was just doing what his training said to.


Good riddance, POS! This trash wasn’t a man or a woman. It was a piece of garbage.

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