WATCH: Pro-Palestine activists release painted mice in UK McDonald’s three days in a row

Pro-Palestine painted mice
Pro-Palestine painted miceCourtesy of AKEM/Twitter

McDonald’s Restaurants in Birmingham, UK, are under attack by pro-Palestine activists releasing hoards of mice painted in Palestine colours. 

On Thursday, a masked gang all dressed in black hurled mice at staff at a Small Heath franchise while chanting “Free, free Palestine” and waving Palestine flags. 

The mice were in a large, clear box and painted red, white, and green, as per the Daily Mail. One protestor stepped forward and threw it at the people working there.  

The whole group clapped and cheered. They shouted “f*** Israel” and ran out of the building. 

The attacks come after McDonald’s was accused by pro-Palestine activists of supporting Israel after it was invaded by Hamas terrorists October 7. The anger is due to McDonald’s donating meals to Israeli soldiers.

On Wednesday in Perry Bar, Birmingham, another McDonald’s was targeted. 

An activist shouted “Free Palestine” and unleashed a boxful of mice on the unsuspecting employees. 

On Tuesday a different Birmingham franchise was bombarded with rodents, terrifying diners who fled in a panic. 

“F*** Israel,” the protestors can be heard shouting. 

Social media is flooded with video footage of mice infesting the restaurants, staff desperately trying to contain the situation and people running away from the building. 

One man filmed from inside the restaurant. 

“Oh my days. Look at this!” he exclaimed. “They've just dropped this off at McDonald's. All these rats.”

The video shows people scrambling away from the mice. 

“That's a lot of rats,” one child shouted.

One man, 32-year-old Amir Khan, has been arrested for orchestrating the mice attacks. Khan, who has a criminal record, voluntarily turned himself in and police are looking for a second suspect named Billal Hussain.

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