WATCH: Trudeau's carbon tax forces second-generation Alberta farmer to give up family farm

WATCH: Second-generation Alberta farmer forced to give up family farm, citing carbon tax
WATCH: Second-generation Alberta farmer forced to give up family farm, citing carbon taxWestern Standard/Rumble

A second-generation Alberta farmer is forced to give up her family farm, first established in 1992, citing the rising costs due to Justin Trudeau's carbon tax and Canada's inflation rate. 

The federal government recently announced carbon taxes will continue to be pushed on Canadians, offering a tax relief for only 3% of families. 

“I wanted to continue farming but I couldn't,” Dawn Van Tienhoven said in a video posted to social media, which was shared by Conservative MP John Barlow.  

She said she was a “single mama farmer,” which is “really hard to do” and she gave it her best shot. 

“I gave it my all and I put every fibre of my heart, soul and effort into it, but I just couldn't do it,” she said. 

Shirley's Greenhouse is locateed near Carstairs, 50 km north of Calgary.

Van Tienhoven said a big reason “is the carbon tax federally. We have a federal government that has put in a carbon tax, and they have even gone so far as to tax our farmers, which means taxing our food and the carbon tax is compoundable.”

“So, when you have a carbon tax, it's taxed on your food,” she continued. “It's taxed on tax, on tax, on tax, and you know, it's compounding and it's made life very hard for not only farmers but for many, many people out there in Canada right now.

Van Tienhoven said another factor compounding her worries as a farmer is the rate of inflation in Canada. 

“My mortgage payments went from $4,300 a month to $6,700 a month,” she said. “That's crazy. That's insane. The thing is, I'm not the only farmer out there that's struggling with that.”

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