Woke newspaper cancels poll showing JK Rowling readers’ fave person

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JK Rowling was almost named 2021 person of the year before The Guardian closed their poll early.

“Tell us: who is your 2021 person of the year?” read the poll posted on December 15, 2021.

But when readers selected Rowling as their favorite, the poll quickly disappeared from the left-wing paper’s site.

The Harry Potter author faced an uproar over the last year from the LGBTQ community for alleged transphobic comments.

Most recently, in December of 2021, Rowling commented on Scotland’s law enforcement policy that allows accused rapists to self-identify as female.

“War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength. The Penised Individual Who Raped You Is a Woman,” she tweeted, and linked an article titled “Absurdity’ of police logging rapists as women.

Rowling has spoken out and stated she’s not transphobic, only an activist of women’s rights and safety, but the LGBTQ community still puts her under fire.

“The question at the heart of this debate is whether sex or gender identity should form the basis of decisions on safeguarding, provision of services, sporting categories and other areas where women and girls currently have legal rights and protections,” said Rowling on Twitter.

The author has been attacked with full blast cancel culture from activists, stating she could “paper her whole house with death threats.”

The leftist Guardian presumably did not want to be associated with the scandal that follows Rowling at this time.

The end results of the poll were not accounted for publicly after the early closure.

Ewa Sudyk is a reporter for the Western Standard.

Reporter (Alberta)

Ewa Sudyk is an Alberta Reporter for the Western Standard and Alberta Report based in the Calgary Headquarters, and the Finance & Administration Manager for Western Standard New Media Corp.

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