Jason Kenney

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney 

Contrary to the current narrative, the United Conservative Party (UCP) was not one man’s creation. It resulted from the hard work of many people willing to let go of old grievances and turf protection to create a new vision for the conservative movement in our beautiful province. When the UCP was created five years ago, it belonged to more than 128,000 members from all corners of Alberta.

I know this because I was the UCP’s founding chairman. At our first annual general meeting, as we prepared to debate the policies and structures that would define our new party, I challenged everyone to ask themselves two questions for all deliberations: Is this in the best interest of Albertans? And is this the best decision we can make?

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I totally agree. Kenney needs to be gone already. He is hurting us and the UCP more every day.


I agree that Kenney staying on is definitely NOT a good idea. I dont care how "capable" people find him---he is clearly compromised at this point, and an obvious liar to boot. Who to put in on an interim basis? That is the problem. The person who I think would be ideal, is John Carpay. Understands the Canadian Constitution, and how Trudeau keeps encroaching on Provincial rights. Not afraid to take on Trudeau, so far as I can see. Articulate. I am not sure how one would accomplish putting him in on an interim basis???


Kenney can’t remain as interim leader, he is a lame duck, we need a strong interim leader and we need an even stronger permanent leader. All we need to do is look at what has happened in Ottawa with the hand gun ban and the continuation of travel restrictions and it becomes obvious Alberts needs a leader who is not afraid to take the step of separation referendum if Ottawa continues on with its tyranny. We need to kick the RCMP out of Alberta asap, collect our own taxes, and invoke the not withstanding clause and tell Ottawa we will not adhere to their laws any longer, we must do this before it is too late.

private property

This is an absolute no brainer that Kenney can't stay on- there has to be a temporary leader. The bias would cause more dissent. Look at Candace Bergin who is doing a fabulous job at the federal level.

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